FT Farfan & Castrol – A High Performance Partnership

FT Farfan & Castrol – A High Performance Partnership

FT Farfan Limited, part of the A.S. Bryden Group, was announced by bpTT today as the exclusive Castrol distributor for the automotive sector in Trinidad and Tobago. They further commented that “given FT Farfan’s experience in the supply and marketing of lubricants in the consumer and fleet sectors, we believe that this partnership will usher in an exciting era for the Castrol brand in Trinidad and Tobago”. 

Commenting on the re-launch of the brand, Mr. Lorenzo Renda, Sales Director Castrol Central and Caribbean said “We are extremely pleased to announce the partnership between FT Farfan and Castrol for the Trinidad and Tobago market. Castrol is a well-known brand in the market, but in the last year we have seen a deterioration. Trinidad and Tobago remains a fundamental and influential market in the Caribbean region, so it is pivotal for us to have a strong representation in the market. We are now confident that with the team of FT Farfan we can bring back the brand to where it belongs and most importantly provide value to consumer and trade. FT Farfan brings also deep expertise on B2B and Fleet where we were not playing before, so we will rely on them heavily to increase our share in the segment”. 

Managing Director of FT Farfan Limited, Mr. Alan Fitzwilliam also spoke about the company’s excitement of Castrol joining the FT Farfan family, “Castrol is a world-class brand and we are delighted to be appointed their exclusive automotive Distributor for Trinidad & Tobago. We look forward to building Castrol back up to its former number one position in key consumer markets and are excited to bring back the full range of products to all market segments”. 

History of FTF and Lubricants 

While FT Farfan would be known mainly for brands such as Stihl and JCB, they have been in the lubricants business for over 12 years and bring that heritage and expertise to the Castrol brand. Servicing the Consumer Automotive, Fleet, Construction, and Industrial sectors since 2009, the portfolio was expanded and the company entered the International and local Marine lubricants distribution sectors two years later in 2011. Marketing Group Director, Mr. Ronald Cabral noted “when we started this journey we needed to quickly learn the lubricants business, and while we were fortunate in acquiring knowledgeable talent, the beginning was fraught with challenges. Over the past twelve years, we have been able to leverage our company’s seventy-five (75) years of proven experience distributing various internationally renowned brands to hone our skills and become the foremost lubricants distributor in Trinidad and Tobago”. 

The Future 

Mr. Ronald Cabral confidently spoke about the way forward for the brand. “Here we are today, now representing Castrol, a brand that we are determined to restore to its rightful place as the number one automotive lubricants brand in Trinidad and Tobago”. With Castrol’s heritage, world-leading technology, and its extensive family of lubricants, coupled with FT Farfan’s comprehensive lubricants technical knowledge, reach, detailed and customized customer value proposition, we are ready to serve the brand and the nation”.

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