Redbull Global Rally Cross- Friday

Redbull Global Rally Cross- Friday

Yes, they’re back for more.  After a great time the first time round as part of the Top Gear Festival last year, GRC has returned to Bushy Park in Barbados.

This time, unlike last year where they only had one competitive race round, this year, both Saturday and Sunday are rounds for the overall Championship. Talk about pressure on the teams…! And to make it worse- a number of drivers are all in the title hunt with no elbow room. Every place counts, every corner matters, once the door closes and the belts are tightned, pit lane friendships are over. It will be very interesting and exciting to see these guys go at it for two days- with a double jump in the mix.


Not to be outdone, the GRC Lights are also in the house. These young guns, which includes a lady, are also in a battle of their own- though not as powerful as the bigger main GRC cars, the Lights are no slouch.

Redbull Global Rally Cross- Saturday
Redbull Global Rally Cross- Sunday


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