Redbull Global Rally Cross- Saturday

Redbull Global Rally Cross- Saturday

How do I accurately describe the first day of competition? Well….rubbing is racing, the action…like the temperature was scorching, despite the emissions issue…VWs are clearly the car to beat….and that Mr. Block is finding out that racing in Barbados isn’t as easy as a vacation here.


As a fan based sport, the fans were treated to an autograph session before the day’s racing and driver introduction began. A lucky few were able to grab the signatures of all the RedBull Global Rally Cross drivers and of course take many a selfie. Anthems were sung and then it was down to business. With a tight Championship, you know that wasn’t going to any free hand outs with respect passing and being passed. I don’t think there was any one car that didn’t get a hit or nudge by day’s end.


Mr. Block’s tradition of being on his roof continues with an almost saved two wheel shunt turned to a roll and slide up the face of the ramp, coming to a stop on the edge of the gravel. The cause of his demise was immediately removed by officials before anyone else tried the same stunt. As a testament to how strong these cars are #43 was rebuilt and is ready for competition come tomorrow. In the Supercar Final, on the last lap, a collision that could have turned nasty, showed commitment by one driver, now leading the championship, to finish first, you must first finish. And despite losing a wheel, he still managed to drive to the line and come home in 2nd place. Oh yeah, he also drives a VW. They may be bad for the environment, but clearly they are built like a tank.


Tomorrow is another full day of competition and I can’t say what to expect, will #43 actually leave Barbados with a win, can he shake the monkey off his trunk wing? Tanner Foust repeat and sweep the weekend. These and I’m sure many more answers await…….I’ll be back.

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