Great Race 2019

Great Race 2019

Great Race 2019 was rougher than last year and had some patches of lumpy water sending even the biggest guys flying. Congratulations to all racers and all of the new class record holders! These records will go forward and be up for grabs in all 6 classes.

In 2018 TTPBA ran the UIM record course, this years course was a different record course that will hold until the TTPBA get some more challengers to take on Motul Monsters UIM record time of 47 minutes 43 seconds. Motul Monster also currently holds the highest average speed ever recorded for a great race of 102.2 MPH average. This is something that the TTPBA is looking into setting up as another set of class records that racers can attempt to beat.

There were multiple reasons for the change in course this year as safety was priority, sponsor commitments, and goals to try make the race more spectator friendly.


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