Grenada Invitational Drag Racing

Grenada Invitational Drag Racing

The Grenada Motor Club hosted an invitational drag racing event to help commemorate the country’s 50th Independence at the Pearls International Speedway in St Andrew’s, Grenada. 18 Trini drag racing cars and bikes were shipped on a chartered vessel to the Spice Isle.

Quick notable results:

  • Outlaw Andy Bissessar TT 7.79 was also fastest time of the day.
  • Fastest local time of the day was done by Joshua Lewis 8.7
  • 8s bracket Kervin Ribero 8.7 (T&T)
  • 9s bracket Jesse Cudjoe 9.65 (T&T)
  • 10s bracket Geron Archer 10.4 (T&T)
  • 11s bracket Flemming Kruythoff 11.22 then did his personal best later in the event of 10.5(GD)
  • 12s bracket Ken Bhola 12.1 (GD)
  • 13s bracket Mickey Phillip 13.58 (GD)
  • 14s bracket Clint Croney 14.18 (GD)
  • 15s bracket Javon Cromwell 15.57(GD)
  • 16s bracket Brandon Taylor 16.25(GD)
  • Bikes 9secs bracket Ostan Mitchell(GD)
  • Bikes 10secs bracket Ian Morain 10.2(GD)
The contingent of T&T’s drivers, mechanics, tuners and supporters including TTASA Management members.


From left: TTASA President Mr Ashton Eligon, Mr. Angus Dabero, Grenada’s Minister of Sport and Youth Mr Gayton J. LaCrette, Grenada Motor Club Vice President Mr. Jeremy Peters, Mrs Lyndonna Hillaire-Marshall Permanent Secretary.


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