How Sponsors Have Helped Change Motorsport For the Better

How Sponsors Have Helped Change Motorsport For the Better

Throughout the history of motorsport, there have been iconic names to sit behind the wheel. These drivers have helped create lasting memories and historic moments that are talked about to this day.

Drivers and their teams can shake up the racing world within one event. If you look back in history, you’ll find certain events that helped influence the sport today. Jaguar winning Le Mans in 1953, tackling the likes of Ferrari, Bugatti and Bentley helped car manufactures re-invent the wheel to build even bigger and more sophisticated cars to gain an advantage.

In the 1990s, NASCAR was in the middle of the glory days and has been popular ever since, especially for bettors. Stock car racing wasn’t as popular as others (like Formula 1) but the wild races and battles in the 1990s helped build a foundation for racing today.


The car manufacturers, races itself and drivers have all influenced the sport throughout its history, but there is another integral part to racing that helped change the landscape of motorsport.

Money rules everything and the addition of sponsorships have helped motorsport evolve around the globe. In the early days of racing, car manufacturers would sell themselves through winning races.

If you wanted to drive a winner on the road, you would think of Ferrari because of the company’s success in pivotal races. Other companies like Ford helped make a name for themselves outside of America thanks to breaking down barriers in racing as well, evolving from a reliable car for the blue-collared worker into a vehicle that resembled excellence on the track.

Motorsport has relied on sponsorships to help pay for racing, initially through brand promotion since the late 1960s. Nowadays, sponsors try and link themselves to the top racers. Because if companies like Monster Energy, Sony, and Puma are good enough for world-class driver Lewis Hamilton, then they are certainly good for me.

Sponsorships in racing have evolved from a simple logo on the hood or side of a car into a partnership between brands. Ferrari is one of the most successful racing teams in Formula 1 history and their partnerships include the likes of Ray-Ban, Shell and Richard Mille. Ray-Ban is one of the most popular sunglass brands in the world. Partnering with Ferrari to have their own brand of sunglasses is just another way where two different companies in different industries can band together to help sell a product.

NASCAR is famous for its sponsorships and is a focal point with every race. Kyle Larson owns the best odds of the NASCAR Cup Series Championship according to Betway Sports at +260. Anytime you see Larson race, you’ll see his tracksuit filled with sponsors like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Good Year.

Sponsorships are key and they buzz with all of the top drivers and teams in the world. Chase Elliott owns the second-best odds to win the NASCAR Cup Series (+550) and is currently sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts, A Shoc, Hooters and LLumar.

What makes partnerships between racing teams and brands interesting is the collision of two different worlds coming together. Hooters has nothing to do with motorsport, but with them sponsoring Elliott, their brand may become noticed by fans of Elliott, or even NASCAR fans in general.

The drivers are the main draw in motorsport, but without sponsors supporting teams, the sport would be decades behind in terms of finances and potential evolution. The partnership between a team like Mercedes and Bose is the causation of two companies attempting to reach a separate target audience that they wouldn’t normally reach.


Like I said before, even if a sponsoring company has no direct link to motorsport, the importance of a sponsor is significant for the sport. Brands working together to help build the greatest car or help build a team do wonders for the sport. The money needs to come from somewhere and when two successful and affluent companies come together, motorsport, in general, is the winner.

From the dirt track races to the Grand Prix, sponsorships cast a wide net and play an important role in motorsport. Techniques, abilities and overall competition have changed over the years, but sponsorships are a consistent factor in helping a team reach the pinnacle of motorsport.

While we may be bombarded with commercials, advertisements and potential subliminal messaging, sponsorships have helped grow motorsport into a worldwide giant.

And for racing fans, we need to appreciate what sponsors have done for this sport.

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