How To Get Car Insurance If You’ve Lost Your License Before

How To Get Car Insurance If You’ve Lost Your License Before

In order to drive a car on public roads, it’s mandatory to get a car insurance. Car insurance policies are very important as they’ll safeguard you from any financial risks in the event that you get involved in a car accident. 

In most cases, a driver’s license isn’t necessarily needed to get an insurance policy for your car. So, even if you’ve lost your license, got it suspended, or if you don’t have a driver’s license yet, you can still apply for a car insurance policy. Instead, to get a car insurance policy, you’ll need your vehicle registration documents, proof of identification, and proof of address. 

This article will guide you through some steps on how to get a car insurance without needing a driver’s license.

Exclude Yourself As A Primary Driver

One way of getting your car insured without a license is to avail of an insurance policy where you’re excluding yourself from being a primary driver. This is a good option for people who lost their license before because it alleviates the risk for the car insurance company for the reason that you and your car won’t be covered in the event that you get involved in a vehicular accident and you’re the one who’s driving.

Since you can’t drive your car because you lost your license, you’re going to appoint someone else as the primary driver. This person must be someone who uses the car such as your spouse, a family relative, or your roommate. 

It’s usually common for the policyholder and the vehicle owner to be excluded as a primary driver when availing a car insurance policy. This is usually the case for people with health problems or elderly people who are no longer fit to drive. In these situations, their primary caretaker must be listed as the primary driver on the patient’s car insurance policy. 

When determining who’ll be the primary driver on your car insurance policy, keep in mind that insurance companies will use your vehicle’s records along with other factors to figure out your rates and how much you’ll be covered. Also, if the person you listed as a primary driver is considered to be a high-risk driver because of their driving record, expect to see higher premiums on your car insurance. Higher premiums can’t be helped if you’re considered as a high-risk driver, but there are still different ways to save on comprehensive car insurance.

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Get SR-22 Insurance

If you lost your license or got it suspended because of a serious traffic violation, you can opt for an SR-22 insurance policy. SR-22 insurance is a document that you need to file to show the state that you have liability coverage on your car insurance policy. 

Though most car insurance companies will offer you SR-22 coverage, there are some that may not even give you a quote, especially if you’re considered to be a high-risk driver. SR-22 insurance is a good option for people who got their license suspended after committing a serious traffic violation, such as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. 

You can learn more about this type of insurance by checking out SR-22 Savings’s blog post.

Consider Co-Ownership Of The Vehicle

If you’re having a hard time getting a car insurance policy for your vehicle without a driver’s license, you can opt for naming your designated primary driver as a co-owner of your car. Having co-ownership of the vehicle will generally help you avoid having insurance problems. 

You still need to exclude yourself as a primary driver of the car since you don’t have a license, but you can easily get an insurance policy for your vehicle. Again, the one you choose to be the primary driver and co-owner of your vehicle is important so you won’t have to face unnecessary problems that may result from the situation. 

Make Sure You State Knows Who The Car Is Titled To

If your chosen primary driver isn’t your spouse or a family member, you can become the insured person on your insurance policy while excluding yourself as a driver. You can name your primary driver as your driver on your insurance policy and have them insure the car even the vehicle isn’t titled to them. Thus, when you get a car insurance, it’s important to state clearly who the car is titled to. 

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, you need to find an insurance company that’ll cover you in this situation. Again, this might mean going back to the company where you got your first car insurance. It could also mean switching companies, which can be a bit of a hassle if you’re not familiar with the insurance policies they offer. 

Be sure to check every insurance company that you’re going to choose so you’ll know if they’re willing to cover you while you’re trying to get your license back.

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