How To Keep Car Interior Shiny?

How To Keep Car Interior Shiny?

We all know that owning a car is great, but the major issue comes with its maintenance. How you maintain the car determines if it will serve you well and if you will enjoy riding in it.

At Trini Tuner, we take joy in publishing automotive content to our subscribers and new readers. That is why we want to talk about how you can keep your car interior shiny like it just got out of a showroom. We understand how challenging it might be, but we also know that it is very much manageable. It is all about finding the right tools to help you with it. Generally, there are many benefits of car detailing, which you should consider trying out.

But for today, let’s focus on the interior. How do you keep it clean and shiny? Here are some options to apply;

  1. Use a Restorer Pad To Handle the Dashboard

If you use your vehicle for daily commuting, the dashboard will start to look faded and dusty. Luckily, you won’t need a college degree to keep the dash and control panels clean. All you need is a good restorer pad.

The restorer pad should stay in the glove box for you to use it wherever you need it. With this pad, you can easily clean your interior plastic and protect it against any future marks. The restorer pad must be cozy and strong enough to last for long while delivering the best cleaning service for you.

If possible, throw in a new car fragrance to give the interior that fresh smell. There is no need for having a sparkling interior that doesn’t smell so appealing.

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  1. Use Wipes on Leather and Upholstery 

If you have some leather seats or other upholstery in the car, some wipes would serve you well. There are some daily wear and tear of the daily usage of the car. So, when the car seats get dirty and marked quickly, you will need to take action soon enough.

You can keep the leather and upholstery looking new and smelling nice with the help of wipes meant for that job. If you get some good wipes for the job, you won’t even need to do any deep cleaning.

With the wipes, you can also keep them in the glove box for easy access when you need some cleaning. Just make sure that they are the seat and fabric wipes; not the regular hand wipes. Usually, the fabric wipes contain cleaning agents that will automatically lift dirt and get rid of the bad smell in the car seat. The best part is that they can be used on the go.

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  1. Use Vinyl Protectant on the Dash

Another option for the dashboard is a good vinyl protectant. Some people use silicone dashboard protectant sprays on their dashboards. The problem with these protectants is that they will leave a slick film on the dash. In turn, this will attract more dust to your dash.

Instead of using those protectants, it is advised to go for the non-silicone matte finish protectants. With this protectant, you can be sure of having a nice and shiny finish on your car interior. But, best of all, they reduce dust accumulation.

Always ensure that you go for the best car interior protectant that is free of silicone if you want to keep your interior clean and shiny.

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  1. Use Glass Wipes on Car Windows

It doesn’t make any sense to have a sparkling car interior but the windows have all the smears and fingerprints. You can get rid of those smudges on your car windows with the help of glass wipes. With the car windows, you will need to clean them more often because people touch them all the time. But never underestimate the process of cleaning your car windows.

It can actually be tedious and time-consuming to clean them, especially if you are using normal cleaners and cloths. This is because they tend to leave residue and smear behind after the cleaning process. But if you are equipped with good glass wipes, you are good to go. Mostly, these glass wipes are disposable and you can use them on both internal and external glass surfaces. They can even be used on the windscreen without any problem.

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  1. Don’t Forget About The Console

Too many times, people focus on cleaning the seats, dashboard, car windows, and any other upholstery. But, they tend to forget about the console. Whether it includes a radios system, DVD with a screen or just a retro FM/AM radio, you should still keep the console clean.

The console will come with many buttons and controls that will also manage the light system in the car, AC system, open the hood, among others. Too many times, dust may end up getting into every crack and crevice, which can give it a bad look in the long run.

If you truly want every spot of your car interior to be clean and sparkly enough, you will need to remember the console too. Make sure you clean the tightest spot and groove on the console. To do this, wrap a partially wet cloth around the top of a flat-head screwdriver and pass it around the crevices. The aim here is to use the thinnest cloth so that the screwdriver is not too thick to handle the job.

But if you are concerned about using a metal screwdriver on your console, you can use a plastic knife. You can also use cotton swabs for the job.

  1. Replace the Seat Covers (if need be)

If the seats are so worn out that a clean-up won’t do them any justice, then you can opt to do a make-over on them. Replace the seat cover to give the interior a whole new look. Maybe the seats are overly destroyed by coffee spills and other wear outs. A good seat cover would give the interior a new look. When choosing a seat cover, ensure that it matches the theme of the car and that they are also easy to clean. Don’t forget to pick durable covers.

The door panels are also areas that you should consider when cleaning your car interior. Above all, ensure that you observe the necessary tips that will keep your car interior clean at all times

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