How to protect your family with GPS

How to protect your family with GPS

Statistics show that between January to March 2020, over three dozen people have gone missing in Trinidad and Tobago. There are those that have been found while there are many whose whereabouts remain unknown. To have a family member turn up missing is one of the scariest and worrisome moments that no parent wishes to experience. With the use of modern day technology, it is possible to now keep track of all that we hold dear, especially our family members. At Cylo Tracking Limited we have a range of products that help provide what no one can quantify – a peace of mind, knowing your family is safe. To help you decide which of our products may be best suited for you, we prepared a short overview of two of our key devices to show you how your family can benefit from GPS Tracking.

1. Personal Emergency Devices (SOS)

Our personal emergency devices are exactly that, personal devices with an SOS button that allows for your loved ones to signal when they are in danger and need help. This device allows for the tracking of speed, direction and location of individuals. The SOS button can also send location alerts and make calls to predetermined emergency contacts. This type of device is especially beneficial for teens as well as young adults who may spend a lot of their time travelling to destinations. There are many parents who go through different stages of anxiety knowing that their children will have to travel to destinations that may be far from home and safety is a concern. Employing a device such as our Personal Emergency Device can alleviate such anxiety and give you and your child the feeling of security, knowing that help is just an SOS button away.

2. On Board Diagnostic (OBD)- The Plug

This is another of our devices that we believe, as parents, you will find extremely useful if your child has access to the family vehicle. Between 2018 and 2019, it has been shown that more than thirty persons between the ages of 15 -24 died as a result of a road traffic fatality and for the same period, the most popular type of vehicle that was recorded in over 100 of these road fatalities were light weight vehicles, the same type of vehicles most families, just like yours, drive. With our OBD Plug, it connects to the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port of your vehicle (hence the name). It is easily self-installed and it is specifically designed for passenger vehicles. Similar to our personal emergency devices, the OBD Plug allows for the real time tracking of speed, direction and location. Additionally, this type of device is extremely beneficial in the instances of an accident and claims for insurance. Having GPS tracking is like having your own eye witness on the scene and the evidence cannot be disputed.

No one wants to be awakened by a call or a knock on the door in the middle of the night with the news that a loved one has been involved in an accident or is missing. While our devices cannot prevent such instances from happening, they can definitely go a long way toward minimizing the opportunities for such to occur.

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