Isa Deen: A name to remember

Isa Deen: A name to remember

For the past couple of local race meetings at Wallerfield, my eyes were caught by a young man driving a Group 1 Honda Civic. Not only was he going so fast that people were questioning the legality of his car (myself included), but I could not help but notice his excellent race craft and impeccable, unflustered driving. Consistently precise lines, late braking – but not too late – and early power application out of the turns showed him up against the competition. Each lap, going through the twisty back section of the circuit, he would close on any car ahead and pull away from any behind. He really caught my attention. To me he appeared to be driving beyond his relatively limited experience.

At yesterday’s T&T round of CMRC 2018, my conviction of his special talent was cemented during the final Radical SR3 race of the day. The rain had left a layer of water on the track surface not long before the start and despite my already formed opinion of his ability, I figured he’d do well to just keep up with the very experienced competition or even to not spin in the conditions. After all, the only car I was aware of that he ever raced was the front-wheel-drive Civic. The Radical was a very different animal, with rear-wheel-drive and a much better power-to-weight ratio.

As the lights went out, he didn’t get a good start. In fact he was basically left at the start line for a few seconds while everyone raced off. When he finally got going he was very much in last position. During the next fifteen laps, all those present at Wallerfield were presented with a display of astonishing driving. Lap after lap he was consistently doing the quickest times in the race as he closed in on and picked off the competition, one by one. Again he was visibly faster than the others, especially in that curvy back section of track, continually pulling away from those behind and closing on those ahead. All the cars looked a bit skittish on exiting the final corner onto the straight, but his more so because of how hard he was pushing it. A final pass on the leader and he then proceeded to pull away from the pack, eventually finishing half the main straight ahead of second place. It was a magnificent drive and total domination. This in his first weekend of racing a Radical. This young man has a bright future as a racing driver.

His name? Isa Deen. Remember it.

Here’s what Isa had to say himself about this weekend’s activities:

“Where do I begin with this… let’s see. First of all I started qualifying with no times unfortunately, as my transponder wasn’t working and therefore I had to start in last place for my races in the Civic. Challenge accepted.

Worked my way up to take first place in all three of my Group 1 races . In the CMRC Group 2 races I placed 5th in the first race, and 3rd in the second and third in the  last race.

So that’s that, I’m sure you all wanna hear about the Radical though. It’s not a complicated jump between cars at all, if you’re wondering…

Thankfully the transponder on this one worked and I managed to qualify 5th out of 6 Radicals- with a time of 41.596s. This also meant I’ll have to start in position 5 for my first race, I managed to battle my way up to 3rd but unfortunately a little tap from behind caused me to spin resulting in a last place. Silver lining though- in my attempt to gain ground and regain a position I was able to clock the fastest time in the race, 37.964s. A victory on its own really, considering Mark Maloney set a new track record of 37.855s in his new model Radical during a Group 5 race. I WAS A FRACTION OF A SECOND OFF OF THE TRACK RECORD!

Second race was pretty straight forward as I ended up in 2nd place.

The third race however is one I’ll NEVER forget! I drove my heart out for Team Trinidad and Tobago. I basically stalled on the grid causing the rest of the pack to leave me behind at the line. I had to then focus and get my head back into the game to close in those gaps and fight through a tough field consisting of some of the Caribbean’s best. Something I didn’t expect to do. The Bajans didn’t make this easy at all, but I managed to get to 2nd place- which motivated me to fight for 1st. Lap after lap I was able to close the gap between Mark Maloney and myself. Eventually I was able to make a pass on the end of the straightaway and claim first- and even hold it on to the end, where I saw the checkered flag drop before me. Unbelievable!

I would really like to thank everyone that supported me over the weekend, and my team for the hard work they put in to prep the cars. Last but not least definitely would like to thank TTASA for their hard work and efforts put into this amazing fast paced CMRC Event.”

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