JEEP Roll!

JEEP Roll!

In the beginning..  Growing up as a kid who didn’t love owning a Tonka Truck, seeing its articulation, big tires, simple clean design, industrial colors??? Out in the back yard or at the beach imagining all the crazy terrain that little truck could take you.. washing it down and having it next to your bed side where the mud and the fun will start right back up the next day.

Track back just 4 years ago and found that childhood dream of putting a project off road build to life. But this time the brand was not the toy Tonka but the next obvious platform in a Jeep.

Jeep History…
The 1945 Willys Jeep was the world’s first mass-produced civilian four-wheel drive car. The success of the jeep inspired both an entire category of recreational 4WDs and SUVs, making “four-wheel drive” a household term, and numerous incarnations of military light utility vehicles.

Jeep Enthusiasts…
Jeep Culture and its massive worldwide following have created a host of manufacturing supports to be able to quickly and cost effectively make customization and personalization of Jeeps fun, easy and addictive to say the least.

Jeep Club TT.
A sticker and a hand written note left on my windshield was my first introduction to Jeep Club TT. A Jeep Enthusiasts Club where like mind owners could chat, share ideas, troubleshooting , explore and have fun as Jeepers know best know how to..

Jeep Roll…
A Jeep Roll is a common thing to see from time to time across the USA, not so common in Trinidad. A gathering of Jeepers and their beloved Jeeps meeting up to do a Jeep Roll. Gather at a location, pack the coolers, some snacks, have some passers-by take a few photos, Line up and roll out for fun in the sun. it was a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of day… All Covid-19 protocols observed of-course!

Here’s some of the action posted from the last Jeep Roll and the plans for some upcoming Rolls…

Our Jeep community is constantly growing and we would love to extend an invitation to other Jeepers to join the Jeep Club TT.

Next Roll out carded for January 31st. Meeting Point Massy West Mall Car Park at 10am.

Written by Marlon Newallo \ Photography by Ryan Rajpaulsingh


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