TTKA Kart Racing event #1 2015

TTKA Kart Racing event #1 2015

The TTKA hosted its first event of the year last Sunday February 8th on a beautiful sunny day up at the Arima Race Club Carpark. Classes started off with the Cadets, followed by Comer (100cc), Briggs and Straton, Jr Max, Shifters and Rotax International. As a result of the absenteeism of the cadet class for the 2014 season, the first heat was one of the most anticipated for the day as it brought back the youngest generation to the sport. It turned out to be quite an exciting but clean, fun-filled battle between Nikhil Nanan (30), Liam Carrington (57) and Nirvan Ramnarine (64). As these juniors took to the track, their parents and supporters looked on to see who would make it to first place. The race ended with Nikhil Nanan placing first followed by Liam Carrington in second place and not far behind, in third, Nirvan Ramnarine.

In the first heat of the Comer class (100 cc), Randoll Doon in kart 360 had an altercation with some barriers taking himself out of competition for the day, but thankfully neither him nor any of the other competitors were hurt. The heats continued with an exchanging of positions between Chris Sukhbir (22), and Haresh Nanan (32). Chris Sukhbir maintained 1st place in the first and third heats but failed to finish the second heat, leaving Haresh Nanan to wave the flag as the winner of heat #2.

The third class was the much anticipated Sportsman (Briggs and Straton) class. This is a returning class brought back by the 2015 TTKA Committee and with this new Sportsman class joining the lineup, we have several new faces added to the sport. In the first heat, Matthew Singh (577) was well ahead of the rest of competitors, followed by Jed Maharaj (277) in second and Anderson Mohammed (229) in third. For the second and third heats Matthew Singh remained victorious, while Jed Maharaj and Justin Kanta Persad (917) had a friendly competitive battle for second place. Jed got the better of Justin in the second heat of this class, but Justin claimed second place in the last heat.

The Jr Max class, and the fourth class to race for the day, included three returning and well known champions from previous years – Enrique de Leon (63), Jonmycal Sant (2), and Isa Deen (190). Enrique, emerged victorious as the reigning champ of the day but Jonmycal gave him a very competitive edge as the two battled, exchanging 1st and 2nd throughout all 3 heats, while young Isa Deen finished 3rd.

The Shifters class was pleasantly rejuvenated with the return champion driver Ryan Garcia (125), and even though Ryan had not been in competition for some time he definitely did not disappoint and gave these other drivers a run for their money. Ryan did not start the first heat due to technical issues but the race went on with Kristian Boodoosingh (17) and Rae Wong Doo (300). Half way through the 3rd lap Rae Wong Doo was out, leaving Kristian to battle on the track alone. The second and third heats were no less that champion-worthy competitive battles between Ryan Garcia and Kristian Boodoosingh, but in the end Ryan was number one with the faster time and unbelievable driving ethics. We certainly hope to see more of this in the coming year.

The most exciting set of races of the day and the most competitive class, the Rotax International class, rounded up the day’s racing. A crowd pleasing battle for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were seen between the six racers in this class – Bridget Singh (74), Marcus “Hollywood” Skinner, Brandon Singh (73), Michael Clerk (39), David Lyons (707) and Junior Max Champ Frankie “Don’t call me Jr” Boodram (46). Bridget Singh took over the first heat by at least 15 to 20 kart lengths ahead of everyone else and left Brandon and Marcus battling for 2nd behind her. Brandon eventually got the better of Marcus, much to his dislike. In the second heat, Frankie was well ahead of Marcus, but as a result of some brilliant driving, Bridget made an outstanding pass on Marcus in one of the last few laps and maintained her position till the end of the heat. By the last heat Bridget was reigning champion of the day taking her second 1st place win, with Marcus maintaining his second place position while Frankie rounded up the top three.

Race Results:

1st  30 Nikhil Nanan
2nd  57 Liam Carrington
3rd  64 Nirvan Ramnarine

1st  32 Haresh Nanan
2nd 22 Chris Sukbir
3rd  20 Topez Cummerbatch

1st  775 Matthew Singh
2nd 277 Jed Maharaj
3rd  229 Anderson Mohammed

Jr Max
1st  2 Jonmycal Sant
2nd 63 Enrique De Leon
3rd  190 Isa Deen

1st 17 Kristian Boodoosingh
2nd 125 Ryan Garcia

1st  74 Bridget Singh
2nd  46 Frankie Boodram
3rd  999 Marcus Skinner

As the day dwindled and the sun began to set, everyone was left with a feeling of fulfillment as the season certainly proved to have started off with a bang. Despite the late start to the day’s activities, the efforts of the management team and the supporters saw this event to be one of the best attended and most successful in recent times.

We would like to thank our Sponsors –  Tropical Power, Presidential Insurance Company Ltd., and Gulf Lubricants. To the Marshalls and the setup crew, this event would not have been possible without you. Special thanks also goes out to the photographers that are always on board to offer their support – Photography by Chelsea, Zorce Racing Magazine and Downes Digital Studios.

Our next event is scheduled for Sunday 15th march at the Arima Race Club carpark. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates on our events.

Written by Chelsi Ali and Krissie Garcia

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