TTKA Kart Racing #1 2013

TTKA Kart Racing #1 2013

Article written by Krissie Garcia, PRO of TTKA

Karting action kicked off on Sunday 17th February to signal the start of the 2013 Karting Season. To start things off we had the Junior Max class which included 2012 champion Amir Mohammed (#9) who managed to retain 1st place in the first and second heats. In the third and final heat of this class, Frankie Boodram (#47) clenched the top spot for the majority of the race with Mohammed close behind. Tye Carrington (#57) finished in third position.

In the 100 CC heats we had Haymant Singh (#96) leading the three races leaving a gap between him and his nearest competitor Christopher Sukhbir (#22). Chris managed to have hold of the lead in the second set of heats for just about half the race but lost it to Haymant after a good fight. Randoll Doon (#360) finished third.

In the most exciting set of heats for the day, the Rotax International class started off with newcomers Aaron Ramsey (#43) in his first ever Karting race. Moving up from 100 CC class to a more competitive arena we have the likes of newcomers Che Carrington (#175) and Shane Pinheiro (#29). Marc Gill (#8) also joined the Rotax International class for the 2013 season. Dominating the first race of the season we had Che Carrington blasting off and improving his time with every lap of the 10 lap heat. There was no stopping Che as he continued to show dominance in the race.

The start of the second International heat saw some tough competition among some of the competitors which left Shane Pinheiro and Mark Gill at the back of the pack. Marcus Skinner (#999) came out on top for the first lap but that was shortly ended by the ever dominating Che Carrington who maintained his 1st place lead for the remainder of the race. In the third and final heat, not much changed as Che Carrington finished on top followed by Reza Ali (#111) in second place and Marcus Skinner in third.

We would like to thank our supporters, Marshals, racers and our sponsors: Monster Energy Drink, Blue Waters and Presidential Insurance Company Limited. For more information about the Trinidad and Tobago Karting Association and our monthly events, follow us on Facebook. Our next event would be held at the ARC on Sunday 10th March.

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