TTKA Karting #6

TTKA Karting #6

Article written by Reza Ali

The 6th round of the TTKA championship resumed at its usual arena the ARC carpark . The weather again was up to its mischief , firstly with hot sun then a thunderous downpour and finallly to a cool overcast condition with a rapidly drying track.

Qualifying was done with the sun out but the track still wet. Pole positions went to Jonmysay Sant ( MiniMax), Frankie Boodram ( Cadet), Shiva Supersad (Rotax Junior) , Haymant Singh (100cc), Reza Ali (Rotax International), Ryan Peyrau( Rotax Masters). All the competitors gave a great effort in qualifying , but special mention should be given to Haymant Singh who put down a masterful drive in a very slippery and tricky track.

The races were off with the with the Cadets. Frankie Boodram swept the field winning all three heats , followed by Mathew Phillips in 2nd and Rossi Lochan in 3rd.

Mini Max saw the keenest battles for the day with 1/10 th of a second separating each driver. Jonmycal Sant placed 3rd but his lap times show his race pace is fast, 2nd place went to Frankie Boodram and on top the podium again was the consistent Enrique De Leon.
Tye Carrington placed 1st overall in Rotax Junior but this was by no means an easy battle as every turn he was fighting with either 2nd place Shiva Supersad or 3rd place Avith Supersad . This group is shaping up to be a tooth and nail battle till the very end and we are all excited to see how it unravels.
Both 1st place Shane Phinero and 2nd place Che Carrington had very good races, they both managed to keep each other honest and stayed within striking range of each other, Shane however took the day and won all three heats , in 3rd was Chris Sukbir who also had some tight battles with Randoll Doon and Haymant Singh.

Kristian Boodoosingh never let up his blistering lap times and brushed aside his competitors to earn himself 1st place and the fastest lap times of the day , 2nd place was the naturally talented Bridgette “Roxy” Singh who also had a good day , weaving her way past her male counter parts . Reza Ali placed 3rd overall to round off the podium.

In Rotax Masters it was a test to see who would get there tires to work best in the conditions. On that day Ryan Peyrau used all his natural skill and ability to place 1st on the podium. Ravi Singh the Team leader and founder of the RaceTech Team took a break from his  mentoring and mechanical duties to grace the track with his skill and effortless control, he placed 2nd on the podium. Clyde Supersad came 3rd but showed some excellent race pace and will be fighting for higher podium positions in the upcoming races

The TTKA Championship will pause for its mid season break to observe the Holy month of Ramadan and the August Holidays. This gives everyone the opportunity to recharge there batteries. Though it might be in the view of some of the drivers to polish up on some of their weaker areas or they might be looking to upgrade there engine packages with a top end rebuild . All these options will be useful to finish the second half of the season strongly, competitors would be looking for the extra edge but the best advice simply is ” those who train hard bleed less at war”.

Battling for the various karting championships will resume with event #7 on the 2nd September 2012, so prepare yourselves for some PURE DRIVING AND REAL RACING.

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