TTKA Karting #4

TTKA Karting #4

Written by Reza Ali

Race  meet # 4 @ the ARC Car park got off without a hitch.. On this event the racers drove in an anti clockwise direction. This proved a challenge for some while others shined.

All Competitors were expecting rain clouds to rear its ugly face but somehow it only arrived after the day’s event. Instead the sun came out with a vengeance and the humidity was high, making for a hot dry day.

First up was the mini max class, with the young Frankie Boodram upgrading his engine Package to join the class; it seemed like a brave decision, which only paid handsome dividends, placing third. Jonmical Sant showed that he’s always up to the challenge to fight and fight he did to land him a second place on the podium. Enrique’ De Leon came to the track apparently very equipped and prepared to deal with his competitors, he was highly motivated and came away with two wins and first place on the podium.

In Rotax Junior Aamir Mohammed will race any direction and still show his competence, he pushes himself and his kart to the limit. His consistency saw him first on the podium. In second was Shiva Seepersad who won the second race heat which shows he’s more than capable to fight for move. Tye Carrighton rounded of the podium in third place, his race pace is improving and we expect to see soon some ferocity from this kid.

Randoll Doon in the 100CC Bracket had to fight tooth and nail with Christopher Sukbir to cop third place, these two had a bit off scraps to show for it but ‘rubbing is racing’. Che Carrington came second on all three heats to place second on the podium, this guys shows great determination on the track and with some more practice and development on his new Zanardi Chassis, we will see him one place higher on the podium. Shane Pinheiro was seen practicing the week before this event with his coach/ Manager /mentor/mechanic/father Ryan Pinheiro. They both ironed out all the engine and handling issues and when they arrived on the track, Shane put all the pieces together resulting in a first place podium and he if continues at this rate he will be a force to be recon with when he graduates to higher classes.

Kristian Booddosingh , who can stop this guy ??? Snatching pole and winning heat # 1 and heat # 3. He however didn’t have first place handed to him as Marcus Skinner was sniffing up Kristian’s rear bumper for a slip up. Marcus pushed very hard but only had one opportunity to sneak by but Kristian shut the door immediately showing that his Zanardi chassis can handle late breaking and high lateral loads very well. Marcus Skinner came in second place and took the fastest lap time and top speed in heat #3. Bridgette Singh placed third but looked more than capable of handle the competition.

The season is quickly drawing towards the middle of the championship. We have not had any rain in the first four events. Racers are constantly setting faster lap times. Race # 5 of the TTKA championships will soon be upon us on the 10th June 2012. The racers will be there, the pit crews will be there, the Marshall’s will be there and the sponsors will be there, Will you???

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