Microsoft MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 with 70-461 Practice Tests: Should You Still Pursue It in 2019?

Microsoft MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 with 70-461 Practice Tests: Should You Still Pursue It in 2019?

Indeed, there is an exciting time coming in professional IT culture. In today’s fast-paced data world, concerned specialists daily create a whopping 2.5 quintillion bytes of crucial information changing our life, if the recent stats are anything to go by. And with this comes the demand for experienced professionals who can provide advanced insights into maintaining and developing the future-level mission-critical settings.

So, what are the roles of today’s database administrators and how can the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification help you in 2019?

Let’s delve now into the key details of this post and read on the information about one of its required tests, Microsoft 70-461, and several effective tips to pass it click here.

Microsoft SQL Server Overview

So, Microsoft SQL Server is a family of database software that supports the storage and retrieval of data depending on the available software applications.

Over the last decade, this proficient Microsoft database management system has witnessed tons of changes aimed at making it user-friendly to enable IT professionals to accomplish their tasks easily.

By mid-2019, the most popular SQL Server versions developed by Microsoft have included SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server 2019.

Out of this list, it is plain to see that the latest SQL Server version is Microsoft SQL Server 2019 that was released in November 2019.

Microsoft SQL Server Components and Its Use

In detail, the Microsoft SQL Server supports a wide range of applications that are essential for the smooth operation of day-to-day corporate IT environments. These include a variety of analytics, business intelligence, and transaction processing apps.

Going deeper, SQL Server Database Engine controls data security, processing and storage and is widely accepted as the key part of the Microsoft SQL Server.

Other components that work in tandem with the SQL Server Database Engine include SQL server operating system, a network interface, and the Transact-SQL (T-SQL).

MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 Certification

Approaching the core of this post, you should know that the associate-level SQL Server 2012/2014 credential verifies your skills and technical know-how to become a database developer or analyst in this sphere.

The badge is also your basic stage towards attaining the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification.

To better reflect all the details of this SQL Server-oriented credential, let’s disclose that you need to pass three specific exams. That means you should succeed in tests like 70-461, 70-462 and 70-463.

The next section covers the key details of the first important Microsoft 70-461 exam.

About Microsoft 70-461 Test

In essence, the Microsoft 70-461 assessment validates database administrators’ knowledge and skills relating to:

  • creation of database objects (20-25%)
  • dealing with data (25-30%)
  • modifying data (20-25%), and
  • optimizing and damage control (25-30%),

with each domain holding a certain percentage in the whole test’s content.

Targeted Professionals

Ideally, the Microsoft 70-461 exam is the most befitting option for developers owing 2 years-up experience’, SQL Server management system administrators, and system engineers able to create queries, among other relevant roles.

Moreover, the Microsoft company highly recommends that all exam candidates are familiar with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 technologies prior to scheduling the test.

Prospective Jobs Description

System Engineers

To start with inspiring careers awaiting for holders of the MCSA-level SQL Server 2012/2014 badge, system engineers are esteemed IT professionals who demonstrate excellent technical competence to deliver mission-critical services while ensuring high security and availability.

These individuals can certainly pride themselves on maintaining upper-scale level of infrastructure availability, configuring, maintaining and testing operating systems, and monitoring all the working infrastructure.

Database Administrators (DBAs)

Literally, a database administrator is tasked with managing data, backing it up and ensuring the stored information is available for their enterprise through IT systems maintained by them. With such an important role in today’s IT departments, these precious specialists can annually earn on average $72,874!


An IT developer’s first commitment in your organization is to elaborate and support custom software aimed at improving work efficiency and helping you achieve the goals set.

These skilled companies’ workers provide professional IT solutions including integration, implementation, communication, and virtualization.

Tips and Tools for Passing Microsoft 70-461 Exam

Successful exam candidates are also professionals engaged in their business. While Microsoft cannot guarantee success in this exam on your first try, it provides a wide range of dependable study materials all of which are geared towards your excellence.

To support the candidates even more, in case of failure, this software corporation lets them pass the exams after 24 hours, and if the second try is not successful, you can challenge yourself again in 2 weeks. Exceptionally, incorrect answers are not scored so you can go ahead in the test until you reach the passing result!

Before scheduling your exam, review the Microsoft official website and all the training resources it has to offer. A few options to keep an eye on here include the instructor-led training, the excellent exam prep video developed by Microsoft certification experts like James Seymour and Dandy Weyn, besides official practice test, and the revision training kit for 70-461 exam as provided by the Microsoft Press Store.

Remember also to discuss and share your ideas with the Microsoft peers’ community!

Exam-Labs Resources

In addition to the mentioned vendor-based study options, there’s the productive Exam-Labs web source that can also help you pass your Microsoft 70-461 exam on the first attempt. Many exam takers have expressed their delight at the prospect of using the site’s great Premium Bundle for their preparation with its three-in-one fruitful materials for a discounted price of $24.99!

In other words, this comprehensive resource combines all the exam important concepts in one place representing thus an investment that could prove beneficial for your professional life. If you are on a tight budget, opt for free practice tests uploaded on the website by the recent exam-takers.

Bottom Line

The need for database gatekeepers has been high at all times since computers’ appearance as more and more organizations recognize the need to guarantee secure operation of the data and give their users easy access to helpful information.

Here, with the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 valid badge you’ll surely have the relevant skills to satisfy the needs of your organization while lowering the costs. To achieve it, do your best to pass the perspective 70-461 exam, among the three tests in total. Your task is a proper preparation with options offered by the vendor itself and of course, practice exam dumps from Exam-Labs as well. Thus, you have more chances to pass the test from your first attempt.

So, while you are thinking to attain a highly rewarding IT certification in 2019 and beyond, MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 would totally worth your investment.

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