Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Launch

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Launch

The Mitsubishi Eclipse sports car created a huge following for Mitsubishi in the 90’s, even more so with it being the star early on in the Fast & Furious movie franchise. We are happy to report the Eclipse is back, however not as a sports car, but instead as a compact SUV. At first we had our reservations, but as we began our walk and inspection of the latest addition to ANSA Motors’ line up, we realized how much this brand new platform had to offer.

The styling is very distinct. In a market where compact SUVs are plentiful, this one definitely stands out with its split glass rear hatch and massive intake-styled fog lights.

An amazing combination of soft plastics, leather and carbon fiber-esque materials made the interior of the Cross ergonomic and welcoming. These materials paired with a (HUD) heads up touch display, a vibrant instrument panel and an aptly sized steering wheel meant both driver and passenger were in for a treat once seated.

Up front we noticed an OEM strut tower bar, and got very excited to see this fitted on a passenger type vehicle. Noticing this we delved into further inspection and found in the engine bay- a 1.5L turbocharged engine, capable of churning out just around 160hp and transmitted to the road through Mitsubishi’s CVT technology.

A quick test drive we noticed how responsive it was to throttle input and also how quiet it was through the RPM range- as we said before, a treat once seated. The suspension is aptly tuned for ride quality as we were very comfortable for those inside- just what we want in a Crossover!!!

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