Mud Outlaws 4×4 Shootout

Mud Outlaws 4×4 Shootout

Offroad action returned to ABS Offroad Playground in St. Madeline for another day of extreme 4×4 motorsports.

Torrential rainfall throughout the night and early morning delayed the start of the event, however, it was prime territory for those vehicles lined up to chart the intimidating courses set up by Mud Outlaws.

5 categories included Novice Unmodified,Novice Modified, Mud Terrain, Extreme Tractors and ATV Novice. 4×4 offroad vehicles, tractors and ATVs battled the grueling courses with competitors falling victim to the muddy terrain, whilst others emerged victoriously after battling with winches, the tractor and the mud.

Results of the day’s activities are as follows:

1)Ganesh Bobree- 48 seconds
2)Marlon Birjah- 1.23 time was added on

Modified Novice:
1)Salvester Moore- 3.08
2)Dale mayers- 3.29

Mud Terrain:
1)Devanand Jaboolal- 1.31
2)Terrence Sinanan- 2.29
3)Naril Bal- 3.32

1)Naresh Boodram- 1.03
2)Timothy Sookdeo- 3.21
3)Jack’s Performance- 3.51

Words and photography by: Jael Dirpual

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