NASCAR Betting: Everything You Need to Know

NASCAR Betting: Everything You Need to Know

The idea of betting on car racing can meet with a little hesitation, especially for people who are not very familiar with the sport itself. But for those who are quick to learn the ropes, they’ll find out just how exhilarating it is to watch the sport, and even more so to wager on it.

NASCAR betting is now legalized in several states. People have access to unlimited NASCAR odds and it doesn’t matter if they are new to the betting world. 

What’s more, the more daring you are (and calculating, of course) by betting on race finishes, the higher your chances of hitting the jackpot. But never mind if you aren’t feeling too venturesome.

You can place smaller bets, like proposition bets (also called prop bets) which have an endless list of options that have very little influence on the total outcome of the race; such as if car crashes will occur and how many times they will.

A thrilling aspect of props betting is that it required little to zero NASCAR betting experience or knowledge of the drivers, as it depends on very random strings of occurrences.

Different car models often feature in racing events but Porsche is unarguably the leading race car manufacturer worldwide.

Last year, Porsche 911 RSR-19, a racing car was released while the iconic 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S was recently launched. The latter is a sports car with top-notch design and drivers can adjust certain features via the touch-screen. 

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Here are the other kinds of bets:

  • Outright winner

By far the most popular NASCAR bet, and also the hardest to win, it allows you to single out a driver and predict him the overall winner. Because the odds of this are high, given that a single race often has up to 40 competing drivers, the payouts are often one of the highest.

  • Driver matchups

This can be especially profitable for those who do well at analyzing the drivers’ skills. Here, you get to predict which of the drivers will finish higher than the other one.

Usually, sportsbooks would match two drivers, and sometimes four (called “group matchups”), and whatever the outcome of their performance at the end of the game, if they generally fare better than the competitor(s) against whom they were matched, you win.

In the light of recent events regarding coronavirus, NASCAR has announced the media policy for the race weekends. According to reports, the events will hold without any fan in attendance.

  • Podium finish

Although the odds are lower than selecting a driver to win the entire race, podium finish bets allow you to predict the event of a driver finishing in either of the top three positions.

You must recognize which betting sites provide the best value for your hard-earned money. Check out a few factors to look out for.

1. Banking options

How convenient does the betting site make it easy for you to deposit your funds, and withdraw your winnings? Watch out for sites that offer a wide range of efficient options like bank mobile app transfers, online banking, credit cards, online banking, and cryptocurrency.

2. Site reliability

Be sure that the betting site is one you can completely trust. If you notice anything iffy, either about customer service or the website user experience, you had best be looking around for other options.

3. Mobile sport betting

Mobile betting apps are fast becoming favored over betting sites as they offer an easy betting experience on the go. If the wide preference for mobile betting apps enjoy is anything to go by, then you also might want to take advantage of the benefit it offers.

You’re bound to enjoy the best gaming experience and even boost your productivity once you get the right gadgets.

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