NLCB Great Race 2021

NLCB Great Race 2021

The Trinidad & Tobago Powerboat Association’s 53rd running of ‘The T&T Great Race’ sponsored by NLCB, Carib Beer and Mobil Lubricants got underway at 7:30am this morning.

Motorsport, the sport of ‘highs and lows, this year’s Great Race claimed testament to this saying. For some, the lows came even before the sound of an engine as a few entrants faced last-minute gremlins and did not start the event. Others battled it out before succumbing to various issues.

The highs? How about ‘Limitless’ running in the 60mph class being the 1st boat to Tobago! ‘Speed Up’ competing in their 1st ever Great Race took top honors in a small but competitive 70mph class. ‘Blue Ice’ who, like ‘Limitless’, is based in Tobago, won the 80mph class.

Motul Monster once again stamped their authority on the event to win the 130mph class and claim the “Fastest boat to Tobago” honor.

Congrats to all the winners, finishers and entrants of the annual event, especially in these tough times.

2021 NLCB Great Race Results:

1. Limitless
2. Jesus Is Coming
3. Infusion IV
70 MPH
1. Speed Up
80 MPH
1. Blue Ice
130 MPH
1. Motul Monster
2. Mr. Solo Too

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