Racing at Wallerfield – How soon?

Racing at Wallerfield – How soon?

The new Minister of Sport Anil Roberts followed up on his promise immediately after the recent Elections to make a site visit to Wallerfield, which he did on on Wednesday 2nd June.

Here is the follow up to that visit:

Right after the Wallerfield visit, there was a meeting held at the home of Mr. Jameer Ali. Jameer has been pushing the initiative to return to Wallerfield even before the recent elections. Soon after that meeting, discussions were been held among the major players and interested parties and it was agreed to develop some correspondence showing the willingness of all those bodies to work together and to develop a plan of action for the way forward. Minister Roberts has repeated that if all are not together, nothing will happen!

Since then the major registered bodies, recognized by the Ministry of Sport & Youth Affairs (MSYA) have submitted written correspondence clearly indicating that all parties are on board and ready to cooperate. This being done, the Minister had further discussions with his Ministerial working committee last week and this week.

Plans are now being made to have an event soon at Wallerfield, not for racing though, as the facility is not yet ready, but instead for a relaxed evening to celebrate the new initiatives of returning to Wallerfield as a home for Motor Racing.

However we are advised and reminded that Wallerfield is an active construction site with:

  • some areas not conducive to the public and crowds freely moving around.
  • Health and safety restrictions demand that certain apparel be mandatory at this location
  • Electrical and Gas lines have been laid underground and some of these are still not totally sealed off.
  • Any access permitted to any group must have appropriate Public Liability Insurance coverage to protect those at the location.

    In light of the above, the Minister must now seek special approval for access via a controlled and limited route to any area that we may be permitted to access for our next visit – the first visit was conducted under special circumstances, but note that this was less than 50 persons, as opposed to the large crowds who would obviously turn up for the next excursion to celebrate our returning to our treasured home for Motor Sport.

    The Minister has now indicated that all arrangements for this can possibly be done in the next two weeks and is asking that we all have the necessary patience to ensure that he can achieve his goal to have us all safely return to Wallerfield without breaching the safety conditions that must be respected.

    Stay tuned to TriniTuner for updates on this and more.

    2 thoughts on “Racing at Wallerfield – How soon?

    1. Nothing yet, but glad to see you responding to the article, I think most ppl didnt even read it!

      I think the discussions and negotiations may take alot longer than two weeks.

      Did you see/hear the comments made by the Minister of Trade after his visit to Wallerfield? The gist was what he had seen was “an incredible amount of work done, and what was contemplated here would serve the country well in the future.”

      So not because this was a PNM initiative, the new Government would shoot it down. And further investigations reveal that with a bias towards a Green Park, there just may not be the desire to bring motor racing in such an environment.

      Who knows what they will decide.

      But the Sport Minister gave his word on the platform and so far he has shown a strong desire to really support the cause.

      While I think it’s a longshot to get back Wallerfield, the people who peaked the Minister’s interest, even before the elections, are working tirelessly right now to get racing back there as soon as possible. We just need to be patient and keep our collective fingers crossed that we at least get use of the North track some time soon.

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