Rally Trinidad 2019: Saturday

Rally Trinidad 2019: Saturday

……because with sport….how you start sometimes isn’t how you finish….even when you have everything in control.

So Saturday…..gets call to help plan stages, we sweat and toil to make sure it’s the best it could be with equipment provided by Junior Sammy Group (big thank you), all the teams recce and get their notes……to come this morning and ………………………….rain. I sat by a laden lime tree and suck all de limes….. bark on the tree too…..

After much delay, and much more rain, a decision was taken to run two stages and then take a vote on what to do during the break. It stayed two stages and thus everyone headed to Cedar Hill. The rocks on Bronte was a major concern and with no retirements….the Club wanted it to remain that way until Sunday.

So Bronte…..rain, mud….more rain, two runs, Some took it easy, some just the opposite. Cedar Hill was short, fast and with one stage to go, things were looking great. But on the last high speed corner to finish….Stuart Johnson went off while leading….literally….3ft from the finish marker. How yuh like them chocolates. Kyle Regg now takes that spot.

Over in 2WD, the oldest car, with the oldest men inside it, in the Historic Class are leading. Insert your age comes with wisdom comment.

Sunday sees all action moving to the Jack and Jill Stage in Couva, for a full day of racing and the crowning of a new RT Champion. Reggae vs Soca, Jerk vs Stew…who’s going to have not just braggin rights but the pride of a nation behind them.

Hope to see you’ll there…!

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