Rally Trinidad 2019: Sunday

Rally Trinidad 2019: Sunday

…..that is until we go across to Jamaica in December and return the favour….beating you on your home soil. Congrats to Kyle Gregg and Marcia Dawes on their victory…and to a greater extent, the entire Team of Jamaicans who made the trip this past weekend. Rally Trinidad 2019 showed that gravel rallying is alive and well in the Caribbean, maybe not as popular as some tarmac rallies in the region but…..as the pictures prove…..does have that extra excitement that only a gravel rally could bring.

Sunday saw the conclusion of 3 days of racing, and in some cases, long nights and days for many….I included. With Sobbie’s roll just before the finish on Saturday, on the last stage of the day, the overall lead was handed to Kyle, who did all in his power to keep it there. The REV Tech Team did a huge job in getting Sobbie and Scotty back out and the duo went to win almost all Sunday’s stages…..no doubt a testament that had it not gone belly up, things would have been different.

So what happened…..well…..firstly the weather was picture perfect compared to Saturday morning’s rain showers. Kyle and Marcia inherited the lead overnight and drove a clean Sunday to ensure that an upset was on the cards. I think the only time I saw the Evo sideways was the last Super Special run of the day to celebrate the Overall and Class wins. The Starlet from Point did a tuck and roll after besting the jump, crew was ok, in the space of 2 stages, 5 cars were gone, 1 came back, Sanjeev and Anand’s car was running on 3 cylinders but still did the entire rally, while another barely had any suspension to run on at all. The Team of Lee and Andrew were given the Spirit of the Rally award for despite all the issues they faced, and there were many, they still made it to finish under their own power…! Dust was an issue….but you could guess that. Sobbie found himself on two wheels due to Scotty training him from his days with Ainsely Lochan. Ryan and Scott was first Friday, lost it on Saturday and tried to get it back Sunday. Their day ended with a broken driveshaft and transfer box. The Heerah brothers took it steady all weekend. Joel and Andrew need a Trini bush bath…always have great starts here but the finishes are illusive. Matthew and Brian kept the photographers happy after a bad Friday night by throwing as much dust and sand in the air as possible on any and every corner.

The young Jedis of Craig and Simon gave me one of my best pics ever and I was stoked to see them on both podiums. Now I need to get Craig to go faster. Gobin and Chris suffered heartbreak on the way to a 3rd overall in the rally when electrical issues just after the start in the 2nd Super Special saw it slip away. Gobin did rebound by stealing prize giving with the appearance of his daughter. Speaking of daughter, Bobby stole her to make his own appearance on stage giving the prize giving it’s most entertaining highlight. He and Michelle got caught out a few times by the dust of cars in front while chasing Team Historic all weekend long. Radj and String Bean….and I can’t believe I’m typing this….had from all accounts….a clean rally, no media had to run for our lives. Over in Team Historic…the old car with the old men, Harold’s 911 Porsche was a car that you just couldn’t take a bad pic of. Timothy and Stephen were having a blast and the car was a hoot to shoot, then the gearbox failed and they were out. I got chow. The pits got dusted…..like really dusted….and I think that’s about it really.

Kyle and Marcia took Class and Overall. Father and son duo, Ryan and Scott took Group A, Team Historics was the fastest two wheel drive…proving that age is just a number.

The Club would like to thank many a company and persons, Junior Sammy Contractors Ltd, for whom none of the stages would be driveable, Crowley for all their help in getting our guests cars here. Massy Communications, Commissioner of State lands, udecott, Rhino Equipment Rentals, Ultra Lubricants, VP Racing Fuels, HN Racing, NCC, Beluga Softwash, Royal Hotel, C3, La Cantina, Motul and Meguiars. All the marshals who came out for the 3 days and braved the elements and all the fans.

I would like to thank Sio, Ansel and Matthew for allowing me the chance to help plot and map out the stages for this event. Colin also for the stage in the Savannah. Mr. Kevin Wood from Barbados for making the trip, was a blast to have you and Devi was sour he missed the lime on Sunday. Kross Fine Arts in Trincity Mall for my tees…..which by the way are still white after this weekend. Not sure how that happened. All my fellow snappers who braved the elements this weekend.

Time to clean equipment and sleep for a week.

…till next time.

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