Roadmap to MCSE: Core Infrastructure Certification: Passing Microsoft 70-413 Exam

Roadmap to MCSE: Core Infrastructure Certification: Passing Microsoft 70-413 Exam

Microsoft certifications are qualifications recognized globally across the IT sphere. Most corporations and organizations require or recommend Microsoft credentials during staff recruitments. One of these highly recommended certifications is Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Core Infrastructure. This credential is new as it was introduced on 1st January 2019. It replacedMCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification that has been retired.

Differing certifications To attain MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential, you have to possess either MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or MCSA: Windows Server 2016 (each of these paths implies passing of three exams). Upon completion of this step, you can apply for MCSE. To get certified, you must sit for one exam from the list of 7 offered. Today we will consider the most popular MCSE: Core Infrastructure exam option – Microsoft MCSA 70-413 Practice Test. This guide covers the details of 70-413 certification exam, reasons to pass it, your future career prospects and resources to help you pass.

Microsoft 70-413 objectives

The exam is created to validate your experience and skills in designing, implementing and maintaining the infrastructure of a Windows Server 2012 in a highly virtualized and scaled enterprise environment. You must demonstrate that you understand and are able to carry out the following tasks:

  • Planning and deploying a server architecture
  • Designing and implementing the services of a network infrastructure
  • Designing and implementing access services of a network
  • Designing and implementing an AD (Active Directory) logical infrastructure
  • Designing and implementing an AD physical infrastructure

As for the prerequisites, we already mentioned that 70-413 exam is designed for IT professionals and candidates who have already earned their MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification.

Microsoft 70-413 exam details

The exam carries 40-60 exam questions that you have to clear within 2.5 hours. You may come across exam question types that include best answer, multiple-choice, build list, case studies, drag-and-drop andhot area. To pass the exam, you have to attain a passing score of 700 points. The cost for 70-713exam is $165 and to schedule it, you have to register with Pearson VUE.

Why should you pass Microsoft 70-413 exam?

Any serious professional wishing to add value in their place of work and for themselves cannot ignore this exam. 70-413 exam makes it possible for you to attain an expert-level Microsoft certification that will improve career prospects for you. According to an article by ICO, MCSE certifications are among ‘the 13 most valuable IT certifications today.’

Here are more reasons to pass exam 70-413:

  1. You become certified by a leading technology company

Microsoft credentials are the most popular worldwide and attaining one would give you more prestige. Besides gaining prestige, this certification gives you an edge over your non-certified counterparts.

  1. Skills that stand out

You will come out as a professional who values the job. This kind of skills will make you a most in-demand professional by firms that are serious about making a positive difference in their businesses.

  1. You will provide more value to your employer

Pursuing a certification will help you gain skills and experience that you’ll use in offering the best services to your employer. This makes you the most preferred professional for your job role.

  1. Certification means your willingness to learn

Earning a certification would prove to those around you that you’re someone who wants to learn and gain more skills. Advancing your skills helps you to grow and adapt to the ever-evolving IT landscape. This will bring many opportunities your way. Your colleagues and employer will always respect you!

  1. Commitment to efficiency and quality

Microsoft certifications are role-based and focus on hands-on skills. When you seek for more skills in a particular technology field, this is proof that youare committed and are ready to offer quality services at work.

  1. You become reliable and trustworthy

Reliable and trustworthy employees can handle challenges that may arise in the workplace. Nobody has to follow them around for them to perform their duties. Your seniors know that you can step into a critical role and do the required job efficientlyso you will be trusted with more work and even bigger roles.

  1. Increased chances of employment

Your certification opens more great job opportunities for you. You get access to job roles like systems engineer, systems support administrator andsystems architect. Other roles are information security analyst and computer support specialist.

  1. Possibility for a promotion

By earning your MCSE certification, you increase your chances of being assigned bigger roles and climbing up the career ladder. This is because your MCSE credential means you are more skilled than before.You’ll always be considered first whenever opportunities for promotion arise.

  1. Better remuneration package

The best way to be eligible for better pay or salary increase is to attain certification. Experts with MCSE credentials are paid well. PayScale indicates the average annual salary for MCSE: Core Infrastructure certified professionals is around $97,000.

What are the top resources for MCSE Microsoft 70-413 exam preparation?

Use the following study resources to prepare for your exam:

  1. Training courses

Enroll for a study course with one of Microsoft’s authorized training instructors. These are the recommended courses for this exam:

  • 20413C: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure instructor-led 5-day course
  • Windows Server 2012 Training: Networking self-paced training
  • Windows Server 2012: Identity and Access self-paced training
  1. Study books

You can also use study guides along with your other study resources like courses and practice tests. The study guides will be helpful to your exam prep:

  • Exam Ref 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructurewritten by Paul Ferrill and Tim Ferrill
  • Exam Ref 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure authored by Steve Suehring
  1. Practice questions

Practice exam questions and answers offer you a reliable way to revise for your 70-413 exam. These questions allow you to practice as though you’re taking the real exam. You become familiar with the structure of the exam and know how to answer questions. You’ll alsoknow the areas that you still need to perfect. Use them many times until you have grasped the exam objectives. ExamSnap website offers you the best and latest Microsoft 70-413 practice questions. The questionson ExamSnap are prepared by exam experts and are always up-to-date. They are available online for download.

  1. Community study or support groups

As you prepare for your exam, it’s good to reach out to other exam candidates. Discussionsand study forums make it possible for you to ask questions and learn from the experiences of those who have sat the exam previously. Make use of the Microsoft Exam 70-413 forum for this purpose. You have to sign in to your Microsoft account to access this forum. You can also use Exam 70-413 wiki.

Final thoughts

The expert-level MCSE certification is the most preferred credential for those seeking to be proficient in Microsoft technologies. Passing your Microsoft 70-413 exam should be your best bet if you desire to become a Microsoft expert. Start pursuing your MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification today!

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