Rug Rat breaks local rotary record!

Rug Rat breaks local rotary record!

It’s never an easy task setting a record, much less breaking your own! But that’s exactly what the 47-year-old Dale Mayers did last Sunday at the Wallerfield International Raceway.

Mayers, who has been racing since he was 16-years-old, has been at the helm of the Rug Rat Racing RX7 for many years. After an incident in 2017 with his 2nd Gen RX-7, Mayers had stopped all racing… but that wasn’t the end of the Rug Rat Racing team.

After much deliberation, Mayers returned to the Wallerfield International Raceway, this time in a rail-chassis powered by his beloved rotary engine. Though the team only participated in a few events for the second half of the 2018 season, they had only managed a best time of 9.8s as they worked out the kinks.

Knowing power wasn’t their problem, they just couldn’t get the car set up right to be faster down the 1/4 mile- but that all changed on Sunday 20th January, 2019, and man was that chassis DIALED IN!

A 7.9s pass in a test run left everyone present at the Wallerfield International Raceway ecstatic as Mayers not only broke his personal best and his own local record, but he also posted the fastest 1/4 mile ET for a rotary powered vehicle in the English speaking Caribbean! 3 in 1!

That’s a feat we couldn’t leave unnoticed, so congrats to the Rug Rat Racing team!

Dale would like to thank his sponsors Street Concepts and Mayer Auto, and special thanks to his tuners Marino and Jaime out of Philadelphia.



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