T&T’s Selwyn “Bunny” Persad places first in class in Guyana Endurance Racing

T&T’s Selwyn “Bunny” Persad places first in class in Guyana Endurance Racing

AFTER two hours of competitive driving, team Ramchand’s Wreckers, through driver Adrian Fernandes, continued its stranglehold on the Endurance title of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club.

The team amassed a total of 86 laps over two hours.
But it was not without a close fight from the team of Motilall Deodass, who finished just one lap adrift of the winners in the overall as well as the 1501-1600cc class.

Finishing third overall was the team of Shan Seejattan, who finished as the first unlimited car-driver to cross the line after completing 82 laps.

After a late start to the day, the action finally got going with over 30 cars on the grid, representing one of the largest competitor turnouts this year.


At the halfway point one hour in, the Ramchand and the Deodass teams were tied on laps but the changeover and refuelling effort is where the battle was won and lost.

Coming third in the 1501-1600cc class was Kamal Seebarran with 80 laps while Clint Seebarran finished fourth with 78 laps.

In the 0-1500cc class, Selwyn “Bunny” Persad (71 laps) finished ahead of Naresh Alves by three laps with the team of Reyad and Richard Hamid third and the Nexus team of Haniff Mohamed and Raymond Seebarran fourth.

In the 1601- 2000cc class, Rishan Ali, after 81 laps completed the top spot ahead of former champion Mohamed Roshandin who fell just one lap short. Rafeeq Khan finished third.
Shan Seejattan and the Special Auto team took glory in the unlimited class easily as he completed 82 laps with Romeo Singh finishing second and the other Ramchand Wreckers team of Anand Ramchand and Andrew King placing third.

Meanwhile, a new large circuit record was set yesterday by Rameez Mohamed, with a 1:17.026. Driving his Honda Civic in the unlimited class, he was able to break a record once set by Eric Vieira back in 1972.

“Well, it’s a win in a way to break a record that has stood for decades; I didn’t get the result I want with the endurance but we are pretty happy with what the car is doing. It is my circuit car, so there’s definitely a positive,” he said.

Team ‘Crack and Lean’ dominate bikes
The car section was preceded by a 45-minute bike class which was won by team crack and lean. A competitive bit of riding by the trio of Carey Griffith, Dwayne Caesar and Romeo Singh saw them winning by just over three laps.

Finishing in second was team Blaze, comprising John Bennett, Sharal Gooding and Romel Singh, while Team Viper which had Kwame Ridley, Elton Carter and Zuri Jhonson finished third.

The final event of the GMR&SC Calendar is this weekend’s KFC Mega cup round two.

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