Shell Helix Ultra Celebrates Victory Lane with Justin Wortman!

Shell Helix Ultra Celebrates Victory Lane with Justin Wortman!

Dominant Performance Secures First Place Finish

On Sunday 29th April, 2024 at The Wallerfield International Raceway, the roar of the crowd echoed through the track as Justin Wortman, piloting the Shell Helix Ultra sponsored car, closed off the event in first place! This exhilarating victory marks an achievement for both driver and sponsor.

From the starting grid, Justin displayed exceptional skill and focus, maneuvering the car with precision and pushing its limits. Throughout the race, he battled intense competition, navigating the tight corners and maintaining a blistering pace. But it was his unwavering determination and the incredible performance of the Shell Helix Ultra-powered engine that ultimately led to a well-deserved win.

“Coming from a tough season last year, it’s always great to see the time and effort put into the car, payoff. The pace was there, we fought hard all day and brought the victory home. Starting the year on a high note we hope to keep this pace up in pursue of the 2024 championship. This won’t be possible without our sponsor Shell Helix Ultra, keeping our Mazda Miata well protected with their world class  5W-40 synthetic motor oil” Justin commented.

“At Shell Lubricants, we are thrilled to celebrate this victory with Justin” said Natasha Hallim, Senior Marketing Officer, Massy Machinery Ltd. “This win showcases the exceptional performance and protection that Shell Helix Ultra delivers, even under the most demanding racing conditions.”

About Shell Helix Ultra

Shell Helix Ultra is a premium, fully-synthetic motor oil designed to deliver exceptional performance and protection for modern engines. Its advanced formulation helps to reduce friction, improve fuel efficiency, and extend engine life – even under the most extreme racing conditions.

This victory by Justin continues to be a powerful testament to the capabilities of Shell Helix Ultra and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of engine performance.

Congratulations once again to Justin on a well-deserved victory!

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