Side B Bonfire Lime 2019

Side B Bonfire Lime 2019

Our first major run for the year started of with a Bonfire Lime which turned out to be a epic night.  The day started out very rainy and it didn’t look so promising………but we pushed on and we were in for a surprise because the gods made sure that the coast line was nice and dry!…

The Bonfire was months in planning with making all arrangements, scouting the location and getting our fire permits in order. We opened the Lime to anyone willing to come with us either to camp or to just have a bit of salt and sea breeze and leave. That being said we posted our event…………and boy did we have a turn out.

The campers took point and headed up a bit earlier to go set up camp and cooking headquarters where our first meal was a curried duck prepared by Mr. Dean Dass……not a piece of duck remained……..a little later in the evening the lights of the convoy could be seen through the trees heading our way. We had over 40 vehicles and over 100 persons with us that night. Everyone got a spot and made themselves comfortable. We had lights,music, tents, food and our BONFIRE.

It was a party on the beach. A smile from ear to ear could be seen on everyone’s face. This was a great time for everyone to meet new faces. Some even got the time to do some fishing with luck!.. For the whole night the place was lively with laughter and great weather. The Side B crew made sure everyone was comfortable.
There was so much energy amongst everyone that it only started to get quiet after 4am.

All in all it was a great evening. They next day the campers woke up ate some breakfast and we had a beautiful crystal clear river right at our feet which we took advantage off. By the time we finished packing up it was noon. We made sure the beach was cleared of all rubbish and we broke camp and left. Such a wonderful and great weekend we had people asking when is our next Lime.

I would like to thank everyone who came and had a great time and support Side B Off-Road Group.

A little about 2019 for Side B.

This year we plan to have runs every month so persons can keep in touch with us via Facebook our our Whatsapp group.

It’s going to be a busy and great year for Side B so prepare yourself for a great time with the Side B family.

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