Side B: Tamana Adventures

Side B: Tamana Adventures

With the rains upon us the urge for mud was strong. Everyone eager to shift into the 4 wheel drive mode and Side B was more than willing to accommodate this feeling for mud.

On the 2nd of July armed with over 20 vehicles ranging from highly modified to stock we headed to the EAST.

EAST to Tamana Adventure Off-Road Park, a nice offroad park that has a lot of obstacles and mud. Just reaching to the gathering point was a challenge as the mud was slippery.

The day was spent pushing through the trails that the owner (Maurice) had built and dividing it into stock trails and Modified trails.

Members of the Side B group made sure that everyone was safe and out of any vehicular damages. We were pleased to accommodate everyone that came along.

After all the mudding it was time to eat…. and Side B makes no JOKE when it comes to food.

Everyone came prepared and had enough to go around. There was even the few who brought pots and cracker and started to cook. Roti and curry in abundance!!….

There and then everyone got a chance to catch up and meet up we faces- you could have seen smiles from ear to ear from everyone. Telling us that everyone was having a great time. The rest of the evening was spent mixed with offroad and old talk.

Then it was time to leave and it became a little tricky as the rain came and added a little slip and slide to the tracks.

Side B members once again made sure that everyone got out and two core members remained back ran the course over to ensure that everyone was out and they were the last to leave from the group. While on the way out to the main road we had a Jimny bent a steering rod. Members quickly jumped into action and got him back up and going to the best they could have done in the situation.

It truly was a great day spent with friends, family and new friends, Side B would like to thank Maurice the owner of the park for having us.

Side B was pleased to host this offroad run and would like to thank all who came out to support the sport and the club, please be on the lookout for more runs and updates from us via Facebook.

Article by: Sanjay Dass of Side B

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