Solodex 4

Solodex 4

Written by Kevin Singh

With the rainy season in full swing, the heavens decided to smile on Sunday July 18, and bless the fourth Solodex event of the year with a good dose of sunshine.

Twenty one competitors came out to take on the Reyos Seebaran designed course, which turned out to be one of the faster courses in recent memory.  With everything ranging from a stock Honda Civic sedan to Jody Ali’s monstrous Time Attack Subaru Impreza STi, there was no shortage of action.

The course while reasonably simple, managed to include a bit of something for everyone.  For the AWD Evolution Lancers and Subarus, there were the fast sweepers and 180 degree turns that led to some spectacular four wheel drift antics.  For the FWD and RWD cars, there was also a fast slalom, as well as a tight 90 degree section into a hard right.
At the end of competition and prize giving, the course was open to the traditional fun run session, which was made even more fun, following a torrential downpour that saw even more sliding action.

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