SSIRS Creature Feature: Chris Kadahar and the Supercharged Miata!

SSIRS Creature Feature: Chris Kadahar and the Supercharged Miata!

Christopher Kahadar, 32, drives a newly supercharged, third-generation, track prepared Mazda Miata. “For over 5 years now I have been competing in different forms of Time Attack and Circuit type racing, namely Drag and Wind, Solodex and presently SuperStreet Intermediate racing series with numerous podium finishes and class championships.

With the help of my family and team at State of the Art Automotive, we have progressively modified and maintain the car to the level it is at today. Wheel Wizard and most recent Kendall Lubricants has come on board as a sponsor and we have nothing but great reviews on their products and services.”

Chris plans to dominate the SS3 class and also to give the SS4 class some competition, in terms of lap times at least. “We are presently ironing out the kinks in a recently installed Kraftwerks supercharger kit and hope to be more competitive in the 2017 racing season.”

The car presently runs a forged Mazda 2.0-litre four cylinder with a Rotrex Supercharger. Suspension capabilities are enhanced using BC Racing Coilovers, Whiteline sway bars and an Ultra Racing tower bar. Brakes have been upgraded to Brembo 4-piston front, and a Mazda RX8 rear conversion, all with Carbotech pads. Chris selected Enkei RPF01 17×9 wheels with Maxxis RC1s for his dry setup and Gram Lights 17×7.5 wheels with Federal RSRs for running in the wet. In order to meet the required safety regulations, the interior has been fitted with a Hard Dog Roll bar and Sparco Sprint racing seat with a 6-point safety harness. The car’s exterior has also received a few finishing touches with a Mazda front and trunk lip and SM hood vents for better cooling.

Chris has been challenging the best of each class and has been known for his out-braking tactics. Now that he’s added some power thanks to his newly installed supercharger, it remains to be seen if he can learn the throttle control skills needed to maintain traction and power delivery under various racing conditions. Chris is a consistent performer and we look forward to his continued progress and development, both with his potent Miata and as a driver in the SuperStreet Intermediate Racing Series.

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