SSIRS Creature Feature: Warren Luke De Nobriga & the Yamaha R6

SSIRS Creature Feature: Warren Luke De Nobriga & the Yamaha R6

Warren Luke De Nobriga is a 24-year old IT technician on the verge of starting an MBA programme to further his career. While he facilitates computing during the week, he commutes on SSIRS weekends to the racetrack at Wallerfield to pursue his other passion– sportbike racing.

De Nobriga rides a Yamaha YZF R6 motorcycle and has represented T&T since 2014 in CMRC battles in Trinidad, Guyana and Barbados, going up against the Caribbean’s very best. He won the 2016 SSIRS Superbike Circuit Racing Championship and placed second in the 2016 SSIRS Superbike Time Attack Championship, posting a best lap time of 41.69s at Wallerfield, a mere quarter-second adrift of the national record holder. Luke strives to be among the best in whatever he is doing competitively– a great mindset when it comes to racing.

Despite any innate abilities one may possess, Luke believes that success only comes with hard work and lots of practice. Discipline, diet, fitness and avoiding hazardous health habits such as smoking and excessive partying also play a significant part in his ability to win races. While these things have now become a part of his lifestyle, De Nobriga values a positive and fun outlook on life to balance one’s overall well-being. He recommends going hard and living life to the fullest (i.e. travel, the occasional party or maybe skydiving), especially given the inherent risks involved in motorsport, and especially so for the two-wheeled variety.

Inspiration for De Nobriga’s passion came from his boyhood days chasing experiences that involved adrenaline rushes and the mastery of tricky activities. His heroes include the late Ayrton Senna who Luke admires for his raw talent, pursuit of perfection– even if it meant racing against himself, and excellent contributions to, and representation of his home country. He enjoys being involved in racing and one day hopes to create a sustainable business such as a riding school that can allow him to enjoy his passion while paying the bills.

Motorsport has been a financially daunting hobby at best. Luke yearns to see the government, authorities, and powers that be do more to encourage and develop motorsport in T&T to let local talent shine brightly instead of stifling growth or seeking profits at the expense of sustainable development. He hopes one day to compete internationally (as Senna did) and see the world in the process of representing Trinidad & Tobago in the field of superbike racing.

Racing at SuperStreet Intermediate Racing Series (SSIRS) however, has been an uplifting experience for him. “SuperStreet has been the only organisation that has shown concern for us and treated us as equals to the car guys. As an association that was initially based on racing cars, for that to come from them was truly enlightening– a love for motorsport like no other. So when it comes down to caring about our bikers’ time, our money, our participation at events and our safety, they are truly second to none. SuperStreet really has shown the light as the way forward for motorcycle racing in Trinidad & Tobago” said a very inspired and hopeful De Nobriga.

Luke’s 2016 sponsor list included Liqui Moly Lubricants (Germany) and Vortex Racing (USA) and his mechanics, Winston Taylor and Shem’s Motorsports. If you’d like to get in on the current sponsor offers from Hummingbird Racing or to remain updated with the team’s progress, visit:

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