Stay Safe and Sensible during COVID-19 Shopping!

Stay Safe and Sensible during COVID-19 Shopping!

Shopping is here! 

As part of our Trinbagonian DNA, we all want to spread a little cheer, here and there.  As we begin to hustle and bustle in our hunt for good value gift items, let’s keep 2 important factors top of mind among a COVID-19 challenged environment: 

1. Personal safety  

Our personal safety should be viewed as a large ticket item of value in a global pandemic. Whether we are driving our own cars which have become our protective bubble or using public transportation, we should remain protected and committed to minimising the spread of the Covid-19 Virus while we commute and shop: 

  • Continue to practice the 3 W’s… Wash your hands, Wear your masks and Watch your distance.  This is the gold standard in reducing the risk of Covid-19 and can make a big difference in controlling the spread of this deadly virus.  Let’s face it……no one wants to be sick at Christmas time or any time when hospital beds are scarce and dear family and friends have limited access to provide the personalised care and emotional support needed.   
  • Clean your car, not only your house!  Interior surfaces that are high-touch areas like outside and inside door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, turn and wiper signal levers, any buttons on your radio and climate control unit, seat upholstery, seat belts, mirrors, driver and passenger armrests, grab handles and seat adjustment levers on both driver and passenger seats can be easily cleaned with basic soap, water and alcohol solutions with at least 70% isopropyl alcohol according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  There are also proprietary blends of cleaning agents such as ArmorAll Ultra Shine Wash and Wax for the exterior that is a step-up to soap and not only gives you a great clean but also an incredible shine and gently lifts away dirt that can cause scratches and swirls. On the interior use ArmorAll® Protectant that keeps your upholstery clean and well protected. 

2. Vigilance and wise shopping during the Christmas period 

The Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) continues to urge consumers to be vigilant and shop wisely during the Christmas period.  If it’s anything Covid-19 has taught us is to stick to budgets and watch our dollars wisely. 

Consumers should look for not just good BUT great value in products and services they choose to buy for example in choosing proprietary blends of cleaning agents to wash our cars look for bundle packages such as the Armorall 10-piece buckets that comprise of everything you need to wash and maintain your car that’s a perfect gift item!  The reusable bucket and lid make it ideal and hassle-free to store and replenish car care products safely.   

Keep Your Life and Money Flowing in the direction of Value. 

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