SuperStreet action returns to Wallerfield this weekend

SuperStreet action returns to Wallerfield this weekend

Not including our laid back social day/lime at Palmiste Park on Independence Day we have been rather busy on the SuperStreet end of local motorsport for quite a while now implementing new changes and acquiring new equipment. Equipment such as a shipment of 50 brand-spanking new transponders from MyLaps Sports Timing to give our competitors the best Time Attack experience. Oh yeah that’s right, we got our own timing system now! It’s amazing how the SuperStreet Intermediate Racing Series has grown over the past few months and the potential it has to grow still…err…unlike that TriniTuner photographer.

Now that these transponders are here and begging to be christened we figured the best way to do that is to use them in an event, so this weekend- September 17th and 18th we return to the Wallerfield International Raceway for our fourth installment of our race weekends. Featuring the usual Time Attack and Circuit Racing for both cars and bikes our event will begin from 10:00AM on Saturday morning.

As is customary the Saturday leg will consist of scrutineering and driving school- a mandatory segment of the weekend for newcomers to the event. Once all is well with the competitor’s performance in the driving school, the competitor will be allowed on the track to practice if and only if his car and himself meet the mandatory safety requirements, see below. At this point he will be able to practice until 5:00PM where the track will then be closed.

Sunday morning from 8:30AM competitors would be allowed further practice on the track until 10:00AM where there will be a mandatory drivers briefing. Then at 11:00AM is where the fun will be with the competition segments- and the guys can finally let their cars and drivers do the talking.

As a special treat the boys from Drift Corp will be there on the Sunday for two display sessions to keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the day and also to promote the upcoming Drift Motion 4 event on October 2nd, 2016 which they will be competing in.

Who will be the first to beat Alistair’s lap time of 44.955s or Luke’s two-wheeled time of 42.78s?

How fast can you go?

Mandatory driver’s registration and briefing will be held at Mosport Bar and Grill, Fredrick Settlement, on Wednesday 14th September, 2016 from 7:30PM.

Mandatory safety requirements for competitors:
-Fire extinguisher (2.5lb+ properly secured)
-Nomex suit (or at least a nomex jacket for now)
-Snell rated helmet
-Four point harness
-A driving seat that has good side bolstering which is compatible with your harness

Interested in covering our event as accredited media? Contact Kasey at  for more information.

For all other questions contact: Devi (680.6747), Kester (290.9013), Duane (678.1404), Narend (727.7848).

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