Team T&T dominates at 1320 Drag Racing event in Guyana

Team T&T dominates at 1320 Drag Racing event in Guyana

They came. They saw. They dominated.
That was the story of team Trinidad at yesterday’s 1320 heat drag race meet on Sunday in Guyana.

The team of Jagdeo ‘Mad Cow’ Seecharran (Nissan Skyline), Andy Bissessar (Rail Car), Micheal Mathurine (Hyabusa bike) and Ian Atherly (Kawasaki Bike) invaded Guyana via Tropical Shipping for the event

The talk of the town on the weekend would have definitely been Andy Bissessar’s rail car which produced a new track record of 7.9 seconds.

That final run on Saturday would set the tone of the weekend as the rest of the competition would be forced to play catch up, including the Godzilla GTR of Team Mohamed’s.

And when they finally caught each other on the line, the battle was set. Unfortunately, the Rail Car jumped the light and Godzilla shed pieces of gearbox down the track and was unable to cross the finish line.

However, the Trinidadian got the nod based on the fact that he did cross the line and would have been able to complete a re-run.

Still, the most exciting battle of the day came against the Mad Dog Toyota Supra which thrilled those in attendance.

While Bissessar admits to sleeping on the line, he said there was a real fight to catch the Supra.

He summed up his weekend to us by saying, “It was great to see the GMR&SC and Team Mohamed’s doing work on the track with the launchpad and the paved area. When we came last year we couldn’t get any traction to make a good run, but this time we are able to run a 7.9 because the track was prepped much better.”

“We mean to do better here (in Guyana) because home we run 7.2 but there is a difference because of a better prepped track at Wallerfield. With some work on this track at South Dakota, we can be back and better the 7.9.

There was also an Unlimited Bike class win for Joel Bruce who rode Micheal Mathurine’s (T&T) Hyabusa bike.

“The track was working good enough for me, maybe not for the owner but for the me, it was good. It was good today, I love the way the crowd appreciated me and my riding,” Bruce said.

Jagdeo Seecharan said that he was definitely interested in coming back, especially having picked up first place in the 11 second class.

“Guyana was amazing first of all, I want to say thanks to the Guyanese and the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club for inviting us to this event,” he added.

“My car had some hiccups today (Sunday). Yesterday (Saturday) it ran well but today (Sunday) had some hiccups so I dropped the power and ran a lower time and it was successful. I walked away with the burnout competition and also in the burnout competition, I won the cash.”

The T&T Team returns home later this week.

Full results

600cc bikes – Andy Rajkarran

Unlimited Bikes – Joel Bruce / Mikey Mathurine

ATV – Kevin Persaud

16 Second – Shivan Ragnath

15 Second – Ramesh Persaud

14 Second – Rafeeq Khan

13 Second – Pierre Singh

12 Second – Damion Persaud

11 Seconds – Jagdeo Seecharan (Trinidad)

10 Seconds – Oneal Higgins

9 seconds – Rameez Mohamed

Unlimited – Andy Bissessar (Trinidad)

Photos by @GTCallouts 

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