The Benefits Of Using A Dash Cam

The Benefits Of Using A Dash Cam

Over the past few years, dash cams or dashboard cameras have become very popular for a number of reasons. As the name suggests, these cameras are mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle and will record images and sound as you drive.

The purpose of the camera is to document everything that happens on the road and inside the vehicle and this can be helpful for a number of reasons.

Using a Dash Cam benefits your insurance company so they will push you to install one in your vehicle and in return this may decrease your insurance premium a great deal. Dash cam allow insurance companies to quickly settle disputes and establish who is liable for any accident or claim.

The evidence provided by using a dash cam could also benefit your no claims discount which in return will lower your car insurance renewal. Leading motor insurers in Ireland, like AA insurance, offer discounted insurance for new and existing car insurance policies of up to 20% off your annual cost, for customers who have installed a dash cam into their vehicle.

If you are still unsure about getting one installed in your vehicle, here are 3 more reasons why you should and how it will effect your car insurance.

1. First-Hand Evidence Of Accidents

The primary reason for millions of people investing in dash cams is the evidence you can get in the event of a car accident. As soon as you start the engine of your car, the dash cam will start to record. This provides efficient, real-time, focused proof if there is an accident for your insurance company.

If you are involved in a car accident, the footage provided by the dash cam can show that you were not at fault. This footage can be sent to your insurance provider and provided to the court should the case go to trial. The use of the footage will ensure the responsible party is held to account and will have to pay for the damages to your vehicle. So no nasty extra costs for you!

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2. A Great Solution For Undisciplined Drivers

Another reason you may want a dash cam is to hold undisciplined drivers to account. The footage can also help you report them. Everyone who drives has come across a bad drive at some point. These drivers are not only annoying, but they are irresponsible and reckless.

They are putting not only their lives at risk, but the lives of other people on the road and their passengers.

3. Preventing Fraud

When it comes to traffic and vehicles, insurance fraud is a major issue and is one of the largest issues affecting the insurance industry. While fraud does affect the insurance companies, it is the honest drivers who bear the full brunt of this.

A dash cam will provide you with evidence that you are not at fault for the accident. This will limit the ability of these fraudsters to extort money from you or your insurance company. The footage can also be used to bring charges against the fraudster as they are acting illegally.

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