The Dollars and Sense behind Washing and Cleaning Your Car

The Dollars and Sense behind Washing and Cleaning Your Car

Cleaning and washing your car wisely has never made more sense than now.  

Covid-19 has induced an economically challenged landscape and under a national lock-down, where products and services are not readily available, you should look for alternative ways to save money and still be able to maintain your vehicles….a valued asset/investment.

How many of us rally take the time to evaluate the dollar value of savings and physical benefits associated with something as simple as cleaning and washing the interior and exterior of our vehicles?  This is often overlooked despite being a primary way to maintain and preserve the life and value of our vehicles. 

Let’s look at some effective ways to take care of your vehicle and the people who may join you for a ride. 

 1. Use an interior detailer 

Keep your car interior clean and like-new. A spray-on or wipe-on interior detailer is perfect for modern car interiors that combine real leather, vinyl, plastics, and wood veneers. An interior detailer like Amour All’s Interior Detailer and Protectant, maintain a natural look and feel for your interior surfaces, effectively dusting and lightly cleaning them while delivering protection from harmful UV rays. This prevents any cracking, peeling or fading. After dusting the interior surface to remove any visible dust or dirt, apply the interior detailer evenly across the surface and allow to dry. It’s quick and simple!


2.  Make waxing part of the washing regime

Ever been caught off-guard and disgustingly surprised by bird-poop near your door handle?  Removing unwanted droppings has never been easier if washing and waxing are practiced often.  A good wash and wax will help prevent dirt from sticking to your vehicle by creating a smooth, uniform surface that would repel contaminants. 

This makes it easier to clean and saves you from intensive paint care in the future and reveal’s your paint’s deep, radiant colour as it delivers a mirror-like shine…..not to mention it helps prevent water beading and sun damage to your car’s paint.  Be sure to use a grit-free bucket and sponge to get the best of every wash and wax.  And finally, don’t forget those tires….we expect you want them to look nice and shiny after you wash them but remember, you want to also prevent ozone degradation, which can cause, drying, cracking and fading…so and extreme tire shine should get the job done nicely.

3.  Never forget Safety comes 1st

If you have kids or dogs in your car, then you are destined to have lots of fingerprints and doggie noses too.  Additionally, unexpected bouts of rain are common during dry season and can be frequent and intense during rainy season.

Having clean windshields, windows and mirrors are key to your safety as this will increase visibility and will give a clearer view of what’s ahead preventing the likelihood of a car accident. It also helps your defroster to work more efficiently, allowing it to quickly clear off condensation, or ‘fog’, that sticks more easily to a dirty windshield surface.  Consider using specially formulated glass wipes where clean windows matter most.   It makes sense to be safe!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a difference.  It matters how you spend those disposable income dollars…….that makes sense!


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