The Love Between a Man and his Porsche

The Love Between a Man and his Porsche

Stuttgart. Have you ever heard the roar of a car engine and you instantly break out into a smile that easily grows into a kidlike grin? That is the reaction we see on the faces of our customers daily here at Porsche Centre Trinidad. From the moment the key is in the ignition, to the grunt of the exhaust as the engine wakes up, the sound of a Porsche is like music to the ears of all petrol heads.

Passion is a word that easily encompasses the mood we encountered when we started our interview with our proud Porsche Cayman GTS owner. This is the sentiment we get from most of Porsche owners, it is extremely difficult to define but thanks to Aldrin we were able to put some words to paper for you to get a true sense of what it’s like being a Porsche driver.

Aldrin’s story is very much in line with one of those short films you would see with a young boy peering into the Porsche showroom with his mouth hanging open in awe as he drools over the sleek lines of the vehicles. The young boy walks in and looks up and says, ‘one day I’m going to own a Porsche’. Now we might be exaggerating a little, in this particular case it’s a grown man who walked into the Porsche showroom and noticed a glimmer at the corner of his eye and as he turned around he saw the sexy Porsche Cayman and said ‘you are going to be mine —!’

It was at that point we knew this was not going to be a straightforward interview and we would have to curtail some of his analogies. ‘I’ve always been a car guy! The big man above made sure that this was my calling in life. I’ve owned many cars some were great at somethings and terrible at others- almost like a cheap date. It’s important to have a solid relationship with your car.’ Aldrin told us when he sat into the driver’s seat he felt this instant connection and it was at that point she was christened with the name Bianca.

‘The first time we went out it was for my birthday. The Porsche team made sure she was all dressed up and ready- boy did she look special. We went for a long drive and had a blast! She enjoyed driving on the highway hitting some numbers I unfortunately cannot admit to, she screamed all the way.’ ‘Bianca, she’s my ultimate love. The relationship we have is hard to explain- she’s the one woman in my life that fully understands me. I like bringing her to the edge of her ability, that’s when you see her full personality and it seems like she gives me a little wink.’

Porsche is known across the world for its stunning designs and amazing performance levels. Many of us may not have the opportunity to experience the drive of these performance sports vehicles which is why sharing our owner’s excitement is valuable. The ultimate experience for any petrol head would be to run this sportscar on an open track where there is no real limitation on speed. We are thinking Aldrin’s next goal is a vacation over to Atlanta. Here, the Porsche Experience Centre has a fully functioning 1.6 mile circuit to showcase the incredible performance of Porsche vehicles and you can get driving experience with a professional Porsche driving instructor.

Stay tuned, you never know if there will be a part two to this love affair. We will keep you posted.

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