The New Discovery Sport 2020 by Land Rover

The New Discovery Sport 2020 by Land Rover

On Saturday November 16, the popular U-Pick Farm in Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas, was transformed into an elegant setting for the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.  Popular for fresh, locally grown produce that consumers can pick for themselves, this time around, a select gathering of guests was invited to pick from five variants of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Luckily, we decided to get there early, to grab some shots and video clips before guests started arriving.  This proved to be a great decision, as TTPS decided to have a roadblock on the Western Main Road Foreshore, and held up guests, speakers and media personnel in the inevitable traffic jam. 

At a glance, the five New Discovery Sport vehicles seemed to be basically the same.  However upon closer inspection, the differences became very apparent.  Most noticeable once it became dark, was the different headlight options and LED arrays.  While the latest models have reverted to the symmetrical rear license plate arrangement, we still prefer the offset design of the HSE S6 on display.  Unmistakable was that classic Discovery profile, albeit updated and softened for a contemporary look.  Inside, the modern touch screens and buttons lend for a clean and uncluttered look, particularly with the vehicle fully off.

While waiting on the final few delayed guests to arrive, we were treated to some sumptuous delicacies, as well as a fully stocked bar, so no one was really bored by the delay.  Serala Ramlogan was on hand to introduce Mr. Sudesh Mahase, General manager of Trafalgar Motors.  Sales Manager Mr. Scott Phillips then took us through some of the finer points and features of the new Discovery Sport range.  Guests were then invited to get up close and personal with each of the five display models, while the team from ANSA Finance was present to handle any on-the-spot buying decisions.

With the final guests departing and the Trafalgar Motors team posing for final group photos, we were once again alone to really soak in the ambience of the venue, as the manicured bamboo groves were artfully lit to create the perfect backdrop for Land Rover’s latest creations.  Will any of them be seen terrorizing bamboo-lined trails?  We doubt it, but owners will no doubt be comforted knowing they could, if they wanted to.

This feature was done in collaboration with Cars & Coffee TT.

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