The Two Trinis at Georgetown Grand Prix

The Two Trinis at Georgetown Grand Prix

They came, they saw and the drove the wheels off it!

That can be the only description of Kristian Boodoosingh and Zachary Boodram who invaded the shores of Georgetown for the first round of the premier karting event there, the Georgetown Grand Prix.

The duo ventured there on Thursday afternoon, allowing Boodoostig to rack up more flyer miles to the south American coastland and Boodram on his second karting excursion to Georgetown.

Competing in the X30 Senior 125CC class they were up against the likes of the Phang brothers of Matthew and John as well as a few of the junior guys who’d joined the party in Mikhail Persaud and Elan Rahaman.

They however seemed unfazed by the competition and by the time qualifying came around, they were on the pace of the locals. In Q1 where the fastest time was a 30.032 done by Persaud, Boodram posted 30.200 which was good enough for fourth and Boodoosingh right behind him with a 30.263.

In race one, Boodram defended his fourth spot well from the flag when the race finally got going four restarts later. Driving the #46 kart, he stuck with the lead pack which included 2017 local Junior Champion Persaud, M Phang and Rahaman in that order. He took advantage of some excellent kart control when Phang and Persaud touched while battling for the lead to leapfrogged to second behind Persaud who got away unscathed. Elan fell back to third. Boodram then proceeded to apply the pressure to the young Persaud but could find no way to get by the Guyanese who defended the line well. All the battling at the front left room for Boodoosingh to carve his way through the pack silently and Zachary never saw him coming. Shaving the gap slimmer and slimmer, Kristian took advantage on the one mistake that Zachary made – overshooting the hairpin at the end of the straight by a fraction – and made his move. Boodoostig cut up the inside and shot straight for the race-line around the bowl on the ultimate lap, Zachary could only let him by on the exit of the bowl and while he tried to fight back for the spot, Kristian was in an all but defensive mode in protecting that newly acquired second spot.

Race two, which featured a 50% inverted grid meant that two things; Kristian started on pole with Zachary alongside and that there would be at least one failed attempt to start the race due to a disorderly formation. When the green flag finally dropped, Zachary leaped to the front of the pack, only to fall back to third just two corners later behind Kristian and John Phang in that order. Kristian on the other hand took the lead and ran, or rather, drove. He opened a gap on the second placed Phang. Back in third, Zach now found himself in a Phang-sandwich; Jhon ahead and Matt behind. They had also picked up Persaud in the bunch which meant for an interesting race. Zach picked up a whiff of the inside line on the next lap which allowed him to squeeze by Jhon for second but that was short-lived. On the very next corner, he ran marginally too wide after a nudge from Jhon which put his right wheels on the grass and allowed both Phangs and Persaud to slip by. Still, Zach was with the bunch and was fighting back against Persaud who eventually fell out, leaving Zach to finish fourth; the Phangs Jhon and Matt finishing third and second and Kristian, who was all by himself to take the checkered flag.

Race three saw the grid organised by the second best lap times in Race one and that meant that Kristian was again, on pole with Elan alongside and Zach behind in third. And while there were no false starts to this one, it was not without drama. Kristian rocketed off to the lead and Zack was taken advantage of by Persaud to fall back to fourth. But midway through the bowl on the first lap, Rahaman, challenging for the lead ended up taking himself and Kristian out and left Persaud and Zach to slip through for the race lead and second respectively. The race remained unchanged throughout but team Trinidad were able to secure valuable silverware at the end of the evening.

After Saturday’s round, Persaud, who picked up the class champion for the round, leads with 50 points, ahead of Boodram (45), Boodoosingh (43), J. Phang (39), M. Phang (33), Raymond Baksh and Rahaman (18).

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