The Women of Motorsport in T&T – Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

The Women of Motorsport in T&T – Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

These are the amazing women of TTASA who take part in motor racing in Trinidad & Tobago as we celebrate their drive and achievements for International Women’s Day 2020.

Ever wondered who’s the fastest female motorcycle racer? Let us introduce you to Janelle Albarado, who doubles as a hairstylist and as a drag racer.

…and she’s no ordinary drag racer- Janelle has the local fastest female rider time of 9.48s at the Wallerfield International Raceway.

From the extremity of working off-shore, to being strapped in a race car, Bridget Singh does it all. This third-generation racer is no unfamiliar face to motorsport, with early roots in karting and now at the helm of Group 2 Honda Civic circuit car.

This pair of Garcia sisters, has certainly been doing their part as the future of Motorsport.

Hooked from a young age Naomi and Zoey have been karting both locally at the Wallerfield International Raceway and internationally at Homestead, Florida- where they are no stranger to the podium.

Need your event planned in 10s or less? Look no further than Melissa Seales, event planner and caterer on weekdays- and drag racer on weekends.

Melissa has been awarded most improved driver twice at the TTASA Annual Awards Ceremony, as she is on a mission to better her 10.6s pass in her Subaru Impreza.

Say hello to Celeste Gajadhar, the accountant who crunched the numbers just right to find the sweet spot to manage a family full of racers including herself.

And when she’s not crunching numbers? Oh, then you can find her at the Wallerfield International Raceway dialing in her Mitsubishi Evolution X, to become the Most Improved Female Driver of 2019 and also managing the top contender position in her drag-racing bracket.

Meet Allison Gajadhar, the female drag racer who accrued so many accolades, we wonder- how is she only 38?!

Over the years of racing in her Mitsubishi Evolution IX, Allison has not only been nominated as the FCB Sportswoman of Year once- but twice… In addition to this, she has been a Championship winner, an overall points leader and TTASA’s Sportsperson of the Year!

and last but not least, we look at Rea Ambrose- a frequent participant at our Street Car Shootout series, where she has been a top performer…consistently.

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