Solodex Tobago 2010

Solodex Tobago 2010

‘Bagodex or Tobago Solodex was last held in 2008. The event brought all of the dexterity/defensive driving competition to the laid back landscape of our sister isle Tobago, with great success and a tremendous first showing from the Trinidadian competition. Having skipped 2009, ‘Bagodex 2010 was set to let Tobago’s best answer the call. After all entries were evaluated it was agreed that just four classes would be run – ES, SS, EP and EPR.

The SS class was the best subscribed with Vishnu Charran, Devi Nath and Reyos Seebaran trading top times of the day. Anthony Farah threatened to come close to their times and in the end was a half second away from third place in class. In the end Vishnu took the win with a 43-second time. The ES class proved to be a battle as well between Randell Thomas and Nicholas English. Despite having to revert to “plan B” i.e. his mom’s Nissan Tiida Randell Thomas would take the fastest time of ES for the day showing particularly good driving skill neatly sliding the car around the final hairpin cone.

The EP class was filled with cars that we don’t normally see, like Garth James’ Galant VR4, Jack Azar’s RWD RB26DETT Skyline, Bushan Tackoor’s homebuilt Impreza WRX and Larry Rampersadsingh’s hopped-up “Angry Lunchbox” Suzuki Ignis which came complete with roll cage and slick tires. In the end Larry took the win and the fastest official time of the day with a blistering 42.238 pass. The EPR class saw the lone Evo VII of Raoul Yates
posting the fastest Mitsubishi competition time of the day of 43.286. It was not enough to hold off rally aficionado Skene Howie who despite sharing his car for the day with Troy Small managed to lock in the fastest time in EPR – 42.911 seconds, less than a second off of the day’s top time.

After regular competition was over each class winner was entered into the final round to determine the overall ‘BagoDex 2010 Champion. Randell, Skene, Vishnu, and Larry were given the same car with a fresh set of tires. This year the Race of Champion car was the SR20VE-powered B14 Sentra of Reyos Seebaran shod with a fresh set of Pirellis. 2008 Champion Devi Nath was automatically entered into competition as well. After a short warmup lap each driver was given one hot lap and in the end Skene Howie took the win.

All in all ‘BagoDex 2010 was an amazing event and the challenge trophy was kept in Tobago. Our sister isle seems to be producing some serious driving talent as well and there was talk after the event of setting up a dedicated Tobago Solodex series of events. With two class winners and the overall Championship, they have got the Trinis on the run. By all accounts, everyone was eagerly looking forward to ‘BagoDex 2011.


Tobago Solodex 2010 Official Results

Photography by Miguel Granville and Celeste Hart

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