Top 7 Dog Car Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe

Top 7 Dog Car Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe

We all know to buckle up when we’re driving, but have you considered the safety of your dog while you’re driving? Our dogs deserve as much protection as we do and it’s up to us to organize their safety. Let’s dive in and we’ll help you make sure that your pup is safe, no matter where you’re going.

1. Always Keep Your Dog in the Back

Your dog is much safer when you keep them in the backseat of the car. Placing them in the front just means that they’ll try to be in your lap. A pet at the wrong moment may just mean an accident.

More than that, in the unfortunate circumstance that you do get into a wreck, your dog may end up being thrown from the car. Airbags also aren’t calibrated for a dog’s safety and can cause serious damage to your pet if they’re deployed.

Keep them in the back. It’ll help you avoid wrecks and keep your dog safer in the event of an accident.

2. Use a Car Harness

Did you know that they make harnesses specifically for a vehicle?

A car harness is placed on your dog and then clipped to the seatbelt. They use a variety of mechanisms to do so, ranging from fabric loops that the lap belt goes through to carabiners.

It’s important to get one that is durable in case of a sudden stop. That said, you should still keep your dog in the back seat when possible even when using your harness. While the harness may keep them from flying around not all of them are tight enough to confine the dog to just one seat.

3. Don’t Leave Them Alone!

Even in moderate weather and with everything clearly visible… never leave your dog in the vehicle without someone there. In hot or cold climates, it’s irresponsible and dangerous to your pet.

In more temperate ones, a well-meaning passerby may just decide to take matters into their own hands. We’ve all seen the viral videos and stories of people freeing dogs from sticky situations.

What those don’t take into account is the amount it costs the owner to replace the busted window. Don’t end up being the target of a viral story, or footed with the bill.

If you’re going somewhere that’s not pet-friendly then make sure that you bring someone along to watch the animal while you’re taking care of business!

4. Check Your Insurance

Not all policies cover injuries to your pets. You’ll want to ensure that your pet is covered as well, a veterinarian bill for even minor injuries after a wreck can be devastating.

Some places cover them automatically, others may require you to specifically ask for your pet to be covered and charge an additional fee. Make sure you know which is which.

If you’re not covered then be extra careful when you’re driving with your animals. Another expense on top of repairs is the last thing you need during such a life-changing event.

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5. Keep Their Head In!

We know that your dog loves to stick their head out of the window. They enjoy it, nearby drivers enjoy it, and it’s usually seen as harmless. That’s a bit off from the truth.

In addition to being in a poor place during an impact, there are a few other things that can affect your dog’s health during their foray into the wind. Dust particles, insects, or gravel kicked up by vehicles around you can all leave a serious mark.

If you’re looking to maximize the safety of your animal then it’s a must that you have your dog keep their head in the vehicle.

6. Keep Them Out of the Truck Bed

It’s distressingly common for people to allow their canines to ride in the bed of their truck. If you’re one of them you may want to rethink this practice, even if you’re sure that their safety is maximized.

Most people who are safety conscious in this area use a leash to keep their dog in place. That can prevent your dog from jumping out completely but they may also take a header and end up injured by the leash. At highway speeds, things will get ugly in a hurry.

In addition to that, when your dog isn’t protected by the cab of the truck they’re at the mercy of the wind, debris, and anything else that might get kicked up around the vehicle. The simplest way to avoid this is just to have them ride in the cab, no matter how much they enjoy a good ride in the bed.

7. Bring a Friend When Taking Your Dog

Having a friend to take care of the dog while you focus on driving isn’t a must but it’s a big hand. On longer trips having someone keep the dog occupied is pretty much essential, whether it’s just to stop whining or to keep them hydrated along the road.

It also means you can safely go into places while your friend watches the dog. Use the buddy system: one of you should always be with the animal.

Splitting caretaking duties between two people is one of the best ways to keep your dog safe. Even if the dog acts up, an extra pair of hands can keep all of the whining and other problems to a minimum.

Keep Your Dog Safe on the Road

Your canine companion needs a bit of extra attention to stay safe. Just put a little bit of extra thought into the whole affair and you’ll be much better off in the end. Whether it’s a wreck, weather, or just an improbable occurrence… prevention is worth a lot. Keep your dog safe on your next road trip by following the above tips!

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