Top qualifiers battle head to head in the TTASA Motul Digital Cup

Top qualifiers battle head to head in the TTASA Motul Digital Cup

After a very close spread of times during the previous weeks qualifying results, drivers of the TTASA Motul Digital Cup, returned to their PS4 setups on Monday night to battle it out in the Quarter Final Round for Groups A and B. This time the drivers battled on the very technical yet fast flowing Dragon Trail Circuit, while putting on a show for the avid fans on the live-stream.

Group A started with Brandon Steele on pole position, followed by Steven Hosein and Adrian “Bake” Persad. Steele getting a great start after securing Grid Position 1 due to his blistering fast 1:34 qualifying time. Using this to his advantage he widened the gap between him and his nearest competitor from the get go, to maintain a comfortable lead all through the race, whilst even managing to lap the back marker. Not forgetting the mid pack and back pack battles, it was an exciting show by young Christian Alcantara as he fought tooth and nail through his race for a well deserved 5th place.

In Group B, it was Garvin Daniel taking a comfortable lead similar to Brandon Steele of Group A. However, Garvin finished his 15 lap race 10.9 seconds faster than Brandon. Trying his best even with strategic pit stops was Neil Gopeesingh in second, but unfortunately he was unable to close the gap before the end of his 15 laps. Perhaps the most exciting battle of the night went to Daniel Persad and David Lyons, both no strangers to motorsport. Well timed pit stops, drafting and concise driving lines by both drivers as they tried to get the better of each other, but in the end it was Daniel Persad in third, followed VERY closely by Lyons.

The second night of the quarter final sessions for drivers C and D, presented another top 12 drivers that moves into Thursday’s semi-final session. Once again, drivers battled on the technical Dragon Trail Circuit- unfortunately a couple glitches in the room, warranted a restart on race 2, which then went smoothly for it’s entire duration.

In Group C it was young AJ Forbes, ahead of the pack from the get-go similar to Brandon Steele’s run to victory from the previous night’s race. Following closely it was Kid Inkk and Pull Bull GT, who had a very exciting battle for over 75% of the race as they exchanged positions and strategically chose their pit stops.

Group D, also contained it’s exciting battles against the 2nd and 3rd positions, this time between Ravin Dookie and Ryan Peyrau, but in the end it was DOHSAYSO, who took the first place trophy. All three drivers advancing to the semi-final rounds.

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association (TTASA) thanks all for supporting the Digital Cup sponsored by Motul. The Top 6 Drivers from Groups A-D will move ahead in Thursday’s Semi Final rounds, ahead of the Finals on Saturday 6th June, 2020.

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association thanks its competitors, spectators and sponsors Motul Lubricants, Trap-Speed-Simulators, Rent-A-Studio, GarageFresh and

Quarter Finals Group A

Quarter Finals Group B

Quarter Finals Group C

Quarter Finals Group D


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