TrailBlazers: Flat and Dutty

TrailBlazers: Flat and Dutty

As one of the pioneers of off-road events in Trinidad and Tobago, there was much anticipation and excitement when the Trail Blazers Club held their first event in a couple years….aptly titled “Flat and Dutty”. Now…..when you give your event these sassy titles and Mother Nature decides to ensure that the title lives up to its name….Flat and Dutty, after a midday downpour became Flat and Duttiest….yeah..I making up words. The location for all this muddy mayhem, near the ABEL block factory in Longdenville, Chaguanas. So if you were out and about Sunday morning and wondering where all these big stomper looking jeeps were going……now you know. All the clubs came out, Gear Tech, Mudaholics, Team Torque, Krazy Krew and even some private owners….

What was a challenging course for some, the rains and vehicles runs, quickly became challenging for all but those with steady driving and well put together rigs. The course was run with dual lanes of equal length, giving fans and competitors an almost 2 min drag race thru the mud and many obstacles. It was run a forward and reverse direction, with the latter being a bit more challenging for the guys in the bigger class. Speaking of classes, Super Modified, Tractors (…cause they running tractor tyres), Modified and Novice. There was a single Novice course intertwined within the Pro course and was enough to catch out 2 of the 4 that entered. The novices had to be in stock, out the door factory vehicles. I will insert that the winner was driving a Ford Ranger btw….doh mine did give a lil trouble the other day but that’s my brand.

The chariot of choice no doubt was the Suzuki Jimny and they came in all colours, heights, tyre sizes, suspension and body lifts and horsepower….and some were packing boosted SR20s…( insert your Fast and Furious line here about race wars). There was a Jeep army….though none made it out for competition, bar one, the odd Hilux, one was packing JZ power, a couple Nissan Patrols and then there was Dean Wheels V8 powered FJ Land Cruiser……towed no less by his other FJ Land Cruiser….followed by his ridiculous F-250 as a service van. Even the car park was a 4×4 lovers dream….from Defenders to a Rocky to a Disco..Jimnys and pickups scattered as far as the eye could see.

With competition under way, the recovery of vehicles became too much for the Trail Blazers very own Jimnys and so Dean’s FJ took up the job and what a sight to see and hear all afternoon long. It never missed a beat and probably would have won any competition it had entered. Such was the ease it moved thru every possible obstacle. Did I mention it was V8 powered…! A Father and Son topped the Super Modified Class, though it was the son beating the father. They drove the sweet matching pair of Jimnys, son in the white, dad in the blue. Many teams did double duty by taking part in both the Modified and Tractor class. Gear Tech took 1st place in the Modified while Team Torque claimed the same for the Tractor class.

Trail Blazers would like to thank a couple sponsors for making the day a successful one, RJB Contractors, KTEL, Central Lumber, Naresh Boodhram, NKS Insurance Solutions, Hardline Marketing, Riverside Hardware and Plumbing, Mr. Boodram, Shameel Construction, Mohammed Meat Shop, Small Boy Electrical……hold on…I almost done….Rampage School Transport, Mudaholics, Dean’s Wheels, Offroad Auto Supplies, ABS Offroad Supplies, Seenath Auto, Ravi’s Auto Industries, Blue Mountain Water, Lube Tech, Build to Last Hardware, Ramroop Welding, Bisram Enterprises, Wedge Shoe store…..I did say a couple…..but we eh done yet….National Flour Mills…SGI Distributors, Beluga Soft Wash, Rhino Equipment Rentals, Ideal Forklift Solutions, Gear Tech, The TnT Ford Club, TTRC, all the club members who assisted and lastly…………………Gerrard Wilson Photography. Thanks to all who fed me and kept me hydrated.

…time to make my car wash guy cringe.

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