LIVESTREAM: Trap Speed Simulators GT Sport Cup at DEF 2020

LIVESTREAM: Trap Speed Simulators GT Sport Cup at DEF 2020

E-SPORT Fans –  get ready for the Second Local E-sports SIM RACING Cup!  Through the Decibel Entertainment Festival  (DEF) –  an event that has been a staple for all things entertainment for the last 6 years,  Trap Speed Simulators will host this competition.

Due to COVID restrictions DEF has had to convert their event to an online version.  Previous years have featured many attractions including Escape Rooms, Zombie Island and SIM racing.  The Sim racing feature which was produced by Marc Pogson was a huge hit and had fans coming back all day to test their mettle with the equipment and games.

Over the past 2 years Pogson has locally designed and built sim rigs, some with motion servos and some without and has held sim racing events physically in the Southpark located Escape Room, but also set up booths at shows such as Tuesday on the Rocks, the Energy Conference and the Visual Art Show that took place in Napa.

Having been the Technical Director for the first TTASA eSPORTS Cup, Pogson ran the technical element and with the entire TTASA team produced a very successful first edition! 

His vision was to have live commentary alongside the racers whilst also creating high production video content and excitement as if you were at the actual race.   

The fans were able to participate while watching adding their comments in the live feed which made for an interactive event.    This will continue into this next TTASA sanctioned event that he will host.   Pogson would like to thank in advance for their participation in the upcoming competition.


The DEF ESPORTS GT Cup has begun taking registrations. The Competition is open to anyone over the age of 15 years.  Competitors can register here:  .   Entry is FREE.

The qualifying rounds will begin on June 28th and continue daily until the grand finale which will take place on Sunday July 5th.

Requirements for participating in the event will include a Sony PlayStation 4 game console, Gran Turismo Sport game, a PlayStation Plus subscription and some driving experience.

Competitors can use either the standard game controller or a racing simulator setup with steering wheel, pedals and shifter etc.

For more information contact Marc Pogson 688-9557 or email

Race 1
1st July 

Race 2
2nd July

Race 3
4th July

Final Race
5th July

The events will be LIVE streamed on so be sure to check the dates and tune in! Stay tuned in and follow us for continued coverage of this new and exciting racing series.

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