Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA) Annual General Meeting 2020

Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA) Annual General Meeting 2020

The Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sports Association held their Annual General Meeting at Signature Hall, LP#63 Main Road, Longdenville, Chaguanas on July 8th 2020. TTASA is the Governing Body for Motor Racing and the FIA ASN for Motorsport in T&T. This year’s general assembly of financial members to the association featured elections of the management team, a process held by TTASA every two years. Different from previous years however, there were no nominees and so the entire incumbent management team were reinstated for another two years until 2022.

As part of the election process, members are asked to put forward nominees to be voted for at the AGM for the various posts on the management team. These posts include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Chairman and two Members’ Representatives. As per the associations constitution, nominations are to be put forward by the membership of the association by May 27th 2020, six weeks before the date of the July 8th AGM. However, as of the deadline date for the submissions of nominations, none were put forward by the membership signalling that the entire membership were looking forward to seeing the current executive team working for the club for the next 24 months.

From left: Roger Hutcheon, Ronnie Ramdeo, Ashton Eligor, Fyzool Madan, Navin Seedath, Ryan Peyrau, Devi Nath

Returning Officer Nizam Mohammed, a past President, Competition Chair and a current Trustee of the association officiated the election process. Miss Delicia Blizzard represented the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Sport & Youth Affairs as an observer. A report was given by the Vice President on behalf of the President regarding the work the management team and the club as a whole has undertaken over the past 2 years, including the during the uncertain period of lockdown due to Covid-19. The Vice President pointed out that this is the first TTASA management team that included members that represented each of the different motor sporting disciplines in T&T. His speech was followed by a report from the Treasurer, Secretary and the Competition Chairman. All this was done to around 48 financial members who sat, socially distanced from each other in the large hall.

While there were no nominees and so no voting process was required, the returning officer decided ask for a show of support by a raise of hands from club members for each management team member and their position. There was a unanimous show of support for each management member in their current office. The returning officer then announced the members of the management team and welcomed them back to their post and seat on the head table. The Ministry of Sport representative Miss Blizzard offered a statement and show of continued support for the management and members of the association.

The TTASA management team members for the next term until 2022 are:
President: Fyzool Madan
Vice President: Ashton Eligor
Secretary: Navin Seenath
Treasurer: Roger Hutcheon
Competition Chairman: Devendra Nath
Members Representative: Ryan Peyrau
Members Representative: Ronnie Ramdeo

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