TrinBago Subaru Owners Club Meet: 13.June.15

TrinBago Subaru Owners Club Meet: 13.June.15

In 2006 when a humble handful started the Trinbago Subaru Owners Club (TSOC) little did they know it would have evolved into what it is today. Despite the challenges faced the club now stands with well over 1000 members, though few are active. Of course members came and members left but the core stayed together and kept pushing on to keep the club on its wheels at its hub; the TSOC website –


Now enough nitty gritty about who they are…where is this article even going? I can’t say where the article is going but I can tell you were TSOC went! On the 13th of June they hosted their second meet up and drive around for the year 2015…a drive to Maracas beach…on a Saturday morning. After enough groaning I finally got off my bed this hot Saturday morning to meet up with the club. At this point I wasn’t exactly sure what I was more excited about, Subarus or Bake ‘n’ Shark.


How did this even come to be? Well it usually starts with a few of the forum, known as the moderators. We throw ideas amongst ourselves about a meet up, discuss the location and date options. Then we throw it out the other members of the forum to get feedback, once the general consensus is okay with this decision, the meet is on.


Members from “pass d lighthouse” met at Grand Bazaar for around 8:30am then proceeded to meet the rest of us at “The Pillars” to take a spirited drive to Las Cueveas, stopping for a few photos. From there the journey continued all the way back to the Maracas beach’s car park, where we got food, chatted some more and took copious amounts of photos.


The Trinbago Subaru Owners Club would like to thank all members that came out for their undying support.
We would like to invite non-members to check out our website for more upcoming events.

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