T&T represented in FIA Institute Regional Development event

T&T represented in FIA Institute Regional Development event

The FIA Institute is to host its latest regional development event in Cartagena, Colombia on 29th  July, with a focus on Latin America. The event will be attended by FIA National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) from across the region and will coincide with the 13th FIA American Congress taking place there.

At the close of the Congress, on July 30th, Jean Todt, President of FIA, the governing body for Motor Sport internationally, will leave Columbia, along with a small delegation, on board a private flight to Nicaragua, the first stop in the Latin American leg of his tour. The compact week-long tour schedule will see FIA President Todt visiting several other Latin American countries including El Salvador, Panama, Cost Rica, Guatemala and finally to Mexico.

FIA President Todt’s entourage includes several key individuals such as the Vice President of FIA and President of NACAM FIA Mr. Jose Abed, other members of the NACAM FIA board, Chairman of the FIA Institute Mr. Enzo Spano, and presidents of selected ASNs, for a total head count of about 22 elite. And our country, instead of reading about it in the headlines, can boast that we do have a representative included in this entourage – Mr. Selwyn Persad.

Trinidad-born Persad has been an avid Motor Sport enthusiast for over 15 years starting off modestly as an Auto Mechanic. In the late 70’s however, he joined the Trinidad Automobile Sports Association, and began to compete in Go-Kart, Road Rallying, Drag Racing, Circuit Racing and finally Endurance Racing, which he still does competitively to this day.

Selwyn’s administrative portfolio within the sport is just as diverse as that of his competition portfolio. He served on the board of the governing body for Motor Sport locally The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA), for over fifteen years, holding several key positions including that of Trustee, a position that he presently holds.  On an International level, Selwyn has also risen through the ranks of NACAM FIA, the International zone that governs our region, holding the position of Secretary General.  And it was through this display of dedication and unwavering willingness that he was also granted the prestigious title of FIA Sport Director to all of the English speaking countries within the Caribbean.

On receiving the invitation, Selwyn had this to say “It’s great to be invited to be a part of FIA President Todt’s personal touring entourage for the Latin American leg. I feel extremely proud to have this very real opportunity first of all, to forge new bonds, and promote and really put our country, Trinidad and Tobago, out there, so that it will  mean more than just another name on the membership list.”

He added “On a personal note, coming through the ranks of firstly my local ASN TTASA, then regionally, within NACAM FIA, and now to be part of this FIA venture, I must admit, this is the acme of years of hard work, a sure testament of what drive, pardon the pun, and persistence can achieve.”

As Selwyn Persad leaves Trinidad on Friday to meet with the rest of the delegation, we wish him and the rest of FIA President Jean Todt’s tour all success in their endeavours to unite all of the countries under the banner of our beloved Motor Sport.

Selwyn and Michael Schumacher
Selwyn and Michael Schumacher

Selwyn and  Jose Abed  Vice President of FIA & President of NACAM FIA
Selwyn and  Jose Abed  Vice President of FIA & President of NACAM FIA

Selwyn at FIA General Assembly in Monaco
Selwyn at FIA General Assembly  in Monaco

Selwyn and Sebastien Beumi (Toro Rosso Team)
Selwyn and Sebastien Beumi (Scuderia Toro Rosso Team F1 Driver)

 Selwyn @ press conference for SFGP 2010
Selwyn @ press conference for SFGP 2010

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