TTASA 2019 Drag Racing and Drifting Prize Giving Ceremony

TTASA 2019 Drag Racing and Drifting Prize Giving Ceremony

On Wednesday 11th December, 2019 the Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association (TTASA) held their annual Drag Racing Prize Giving Ceremony and Dinner, and also it’s first ever for Drifting- at House of Chan. Well over one hundred guests were entertained by the Master of Ceremony Mr. Rae Smith and Mayaro the Parang Band, at the Woodbrook situated restaurant.

The evening’s ceremony started off with an opening speech by the TTASA President Mr. Fyzool Madan, who outlined the Association’s Achievements for the 2019 year. These included but were not limited to the amount of events hosted, corporate partnerships, an increase in assets and also an update on the lease for the Wallerfield International Raceway.

Similar remarks, were also echoed by Competition Chairman Devi Nath and Treasurer Roger Hutcheon, who both assured those present that there was much to look forward to for the 2020 Motorsport Calendar.

Following these a long list of trophies, plaques and medals were awarded to the top performers in the 2019 Drag Racing Championship and also the 2019 Drifting Championship and those who represented Trinidad and Tobago regionally and internationally.

2019 Drifting Championship Awards

5th Place: Clint Kumar
4th Place: Nicholas Ramlochan
3rd Place: Devon Bartholomew
2nd Place: Rajive Suchit
1st Place: Roger Hutcheon

2019 Drifting Championship Special Awards

Best Drift Team: Nicholas Ramlochan/Team Extraordinary
Rookie of the Year 2019: Nicholas Ramlochan
Most Improved for 2019: Clint Kumar
Comeback of the Year: Devon Bartholomew
Top Qualifier of the Tear 2019: Nicholas Ramlochan (95 points)
Spirit of Drifting: Shivam Maharaj
Perfect Event Award (Top Qualifier and Event Winner): Devon Bartholomew

2019 Drag Racing Championship Awards

13 Second Champion: Ian Grant
13 Second 2nd Place: Yanil Dass
13 Second 3rd Place: Celeste Gajadhar

12 Second Champion: Shaquille Isaac
12 Second 2nd Place: Allison Gajadhar
12 Second 3rd Place: Udan Ramsahai

11 Second Champion: Alvin Harrylal
11 Second 2nd Place: Gerrard Maraj
11 Second 3rd Place: Wayne Gajadhar

10 Second Champion: Noel Phillips
10 Second 2nd Place: Jagdeo Seecharan
10 Second 3rd Place: Dale Dulalchan

9 Second Champion: Noel Phillips
9 Second 2nd Place: David Del Pino
9 Second 3rd Place: Randy Bissessar

OPEN Class Champion: Sheldon Bissessar
OPEN Class 2nd Place: Dale Mayers
OPEN Class 3rd Place: Wazeer Khan

10 Second Bike Champion: Stefon Christopher
10 Second Bike 2nd Place: Ronnie Ramdeo
10 Second Bike 3rd Place: Arun Lall

9 Second Bike Champion: Aaron Mohamed
9 Second Bike 2nd Place: Kyle Astor
9 Second Bike 3rd Place: Julien Astor

OPEN Class Bike Champion: Garven Gomez
OPEN Class Bike 2nd Place: Robert Seepaul
OPEN Class Bike 3rd Place: Mark Ramoutar


2019 Drag Racing Championship Special Awards
Street Car Champion: Jagdeo ‘Mad Cow’ Seecharan
Most Improved Male Driver: Sean Dass
Most Improved Female Driver: Celeste Gajadhar
TTASA Drag Racing Sportsman of the Year: Wazeer Khan
TTASA Drag Race Car Champion: Sheldon Bissessar
TTASA Drag Race Bike Champion: Garven Gomez
Quickest Drag Race Car: Sheldon Bissessar
Quickest Drag Race Bike: Garven Gomez
TTASA Overall Drag Race Champion: Garven Gomez
TTASA Female Bike Champion: Janelle Albarado
TTASA Female Car Champion: Allison Gajadhar
Quickest 4 Cylinder: Roshan Sooklal
Quickest 6 Cylinder: Kervin Ribiero
Quickest V8: Sheldon Bissessar
Quickest Rotary: Dale Mayers
Quickest Door Slammer: Kervin Ribiero
TTASA Drag Racing Rookie 2019: Rudy Neebar
Quickest All Wheel Drive: Joshua Lewis
Quickest Front Wheel Drive: Navin Ramrattan
FCB Female Nominee 2019: Allison Gajadhar

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